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After 7-Year Slide, US Birth Rate Rebounds

As teen birth rate hits historic low, falling 9%

(Newser) - American women are having more babies after years of holding off since the beginning of the recession in 2007. The US birth rate saw a small 1% jump from 2013 to 2014, with 3.98 million births—the highest number since 2010, USA Today reports. The CDC data shows older... More »

1-in-5 Teen Births Not a First Child

This is actually an improvement

(Newser) - A full 18.3% teens aged 15 to 19 who gave birth in the US in 2010 already had one or more children, reports USA Today . But before you bury your head in your hands, there's an upside: that figure is actually down from 19.5% in 2007, and... More »

US Births Down for 4th Year

Birth rate plummets among teens, Hispanics

(Newser) - The American birth rate dropped for the fourth year in a row in 2011 in a trend demographers blame on the continued weakness of the economy, reports the AP . But the drop was 1% instead of the 2% or 3% seen in previous years, a sign that the economy may... More »

Mississippi Home to Most Teen Births

55 out of every 1K girls ages 15 to 19 have a baby there

(Newser) - Mississippi continues its No. 1 streak: It takes top honors as America's most religious and fattest state , and now it's also claimed the crown when it comes to teen births. The highest rate was once more observed in Mississippi, according to a new government report, but the good... More »

Teen Birth Rate Tumbles to New Low

Decline coincides with recession

(Newser) - Teen births took a 6% plunge last year, with just 39.1 out of every 1,000 girls aged 15 to 19 becoming moms, according to new government statistics released today. It’s the second straight year the numbers have fallen, after a record low in 2008. “The decline... More »

Bristol Palin PSA Cautions Against Teen Pregnancy

She urges teens to 'pause before you play'

(Newser) - Bristol Palin urges teens to consider the consequences of a teen pregnancy in a new PSA. Produced by the Candie's Foundation, the ad shows Palin with son Tripp telling teens to "pause before you play," reports Huffington Post . It's an open-ended message that she tells ABC could mean... More »

After 2-Year Spike, US Teen Births Decline

Drop in teenage parenthood reverses two-year increase

(Newser) - The rate at which American teenagers had children in 2008 was lower than in 2007, reversing an alarming 2-year trend. As the overall birth rate fell, births to girls aged 15 to 19 fell 2%. For 18- and 19-year-olds, the rate dropped 4%. Teen pregnancy had increased between 2005 and... More »

US Births Hit Record High

2007 beats baby boom's biggest year; teen pregnancies rise for second year

(Newser) - A record 4.31 million babies were born in the US in 2007, USA Today reports, topping the 4.30 million born in 1957, the height of the “baby boom”—although that year remains impressive because the overall population of the US was much smaller. Unmarried women bore... More »

It's a Girl—Jamie Lynn Gives Birth

Maddie Briann arrives via C-section just as Britney makes it to town

(Newser) - Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth via C-section this morning in Mississippi, the National Enquirer reports. The 17-year-old’s baby, Maddie Briann, weighs 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Sister Britney arrived in Louisiana yesterday to await the delivery. An ultrasound last week showed that there were possible complications with the baby's position. More »

Teen Gives Birth, Jogs to ER

'This baby is fine,' says doc

(Newser) - A terrified California teenager hid her pregnancy from her parents, gave birth alone in the shower—then walked and jogged four blocks to the hospital cradling her wrapped infant still attached by the umbilical cord. The mother of the teen, who said she was "just a little nervous,"... More »

'06 a Mini Baby Boom for US

4.3M births highest in 45 years, go against trends in industrialized world

(Newser) - The US experienced a mini baby boom in 2006, with the largest number of children born since the 1960s. The AP reports 4.3 million births that year, giving the US a higher birth rate than Europe, Australia, Canada, or Japan. Hispanics accounted for a quarter of all US births,... More »

US Teen Births Rise for First Time in 15 Years

Some experts are blaming abstinence-only sex ed

(Newser) - Teenage births have risen in the US for the first time in 15 years, say government statisticians. CDC officials say it's too early to tell whether the data represent a statistical blip or a real trend. But some experts blame the spike on the administration's focus on abstinence-only sex education,... More »

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