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7 GOP Senators Can Change the World

We need an energy bill, quickly

(Newser) - Thomas Friedman is getting antsy about the energy bill languishing in the Senate. He blames Republicans for reducing the debate to insults about "climate change" and "carbon taxers" and Democrats for not fighting back. To get things moving, President Obama has to get serious about rustling up the... More »

Obama Needs This Guy on Climate Bill

The professor needs Arnold to lend some muscle

(Newser) - The biggest environmental disaster in our history is strangling the Gulf, but instead of using it to sound the battle cry for his energy bill, President Obama is in danger of nerdifying yet another reform. The solution, writes Tina Brown at the Daily Beast, is simple: Send in the Governator.... More »

Obama Will Use Gulf Spill to Push Energy Bill

Public hungry for action, aides conclude

(Newser) - Barack Obama will call for a clean energy bill in his Oval Office address on the oil spill tomorrow, as part of a renewed push for the once all-but-abandoned legislation. The White House believes that the spill has whetted the public’s appetite for energy reform, top aides tell Politico... More »

What the Climate Change Bill Would Do

It aims to curb offshore drilling, promote nuclear power

(Newser) - John Kerry and Joe Lieberman unveiled their climate change legislation today, and the Huffington Post lays out some key provisions:
  • Offshore drilling: In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, states would be allowed to ban drilling up to 75 miles off their coastline. And 37.5% of revenues are
... More »

Oil Spill Dooms Climate Bill

Expanded drilling suddenly unpalatable for Dems

(Newser) - Energy reform advocates scrambled yesterday to rescue the bill that's been slogging its way through the Senate, but the Gulf oil spill appears to be the final, ironic nail in its coffin, Politico reports. Republicans will only vote for the bill if it includes an expansion of oil drilling, something... More »

Energy Is Today's Railroad: It Will Change Everything

Pass the energy bill as a first step

(Newser) - Unleash the "energy revolution," writes David Brooks today, making his pitch for the Kerry-Lieberman-Graham bill. It's imperfect, but an essential start. "Energy innovation is the railroad legislation of today," he argues, and if the US wants to remain the world's "pre-eminent nation," it needs... More »

Graham Bails on Climate Bill

Yanks support over Dems' plan to prioritize immigration

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham has taken his climate-change toys and gone home, reports Politico , withdrawing his support for a bipartisan bill he was to have announced tomorrow with co-sponsors John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. The moderate Republican was reportedly enraged by Harry Reid's plan to put the energy bill on the back... More »

Senate Climate Bill Sidetracked by Reid

Sorry guys, speaker needs immigration reform more

(Newser) - A Senate climate change bill is expected to see the light of day Monday—the work of John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham—but the bipartisan trio has already been told it won't see action on the floor any time soon. Harry Reid says an immigration bill will get... More »

Industry Ponies Up for Climate Change Fight

Environmentalists appear ill-prepared as issue heads to Senate

(Newser) - When the oil and coal lobbies came to Athens, Ohio, they held rallies full of screaming supporters, sponsored free lunches and free concerts, and gave away T-shirts praising coal power. When the environmentalists came to Athens, they held a sedate panel discussion and handed out stickers. Environmentalists seem ill-equipped for... More »

Palin: Scrap Cap and Trade; It's Still Drill, Baby, Drill

(Newser) - President Obama's cap-and-trade energy plan is actually a "cap-and-tax" plan that is an "enormous threat to our economy," Sarah Palin writes in the Washington Post. In an op-ed piece she predicts will disappoint "the chattering class," who prefer "personality-driven political gossip," she says... More »

Gingrich, Gore Clash on Climate

(Newser) - Al Gore and Newt Gingrich both appeared on Capitol Hill today, arguing for and against Democratic legislation that would shape US policy on energy and the environment, MSNBC reports. Gore said the legislation, which would mandate a sweeping changeover to a green economy in the next 50 years, “has... More »

Utilities' Green Plea: Best Your Neighbor

Rating households by energy savings jolts consumers into curbing power use

(Newser) - Utilities have discovered that tapping into consumers' competitive urges is the most effective way to jolt them into using less energy, the New York Times reports. Sacramento—in a program now copied in at least 10 other major cities—began awarding smiley faces to customers who did well compared to... More »

House Passes Drill Bill

'Compromise' bill allowing limited new drilling passes without GOP backing

(Newser) - An energy bill including a partial lifting of the ban on new offshore drilling has passed the House, reports the Washington Post. The vote split largely along party lines, with most Republicans rejecting the package for not going far enough. The measure would allow new drilling beginning at 50 miles... More »

Democrats Switch Policy to Back Offshore Drilling

GOP pressure, $4 gas behind sea change on energy position

(Newser) - The Democrats are tossing a big part of their environmental policy overboard to reach a compromise on offshore drilling, reports the New York Times. A shift in public opinion, coupled with Republican pressure on the issue, has convinced the party to reverse its long-held opposition to back a deal allowing... More »

McCain Strikes Out on Renewable Energy

Candidate features wind turbines in ads but again skips vital energy vote

(Newser) - John McCain's tough talk on energy has been undercut by his failure to vote on a vital renewable energy bill, Thomas L. Friedman writes in the New York Times. The bill, which has failed yet again to pass, would have extended tax credits for wind and solar projects, but McCain's... More »

Texans Shocked by Spiking Power Bills

State not quite prepared for deregulation, and higher fuel costs don't help, either

(Newser) - As energy prices soar, many Texans are wishing they had added "regulation of electrical companies" to the list of things not to mess with. Authorities predicted competition would lower prices when they deregulated the industry in 1999, the Wall Street Journal reports, but inadequate infrastructure, rising fuel costs, and... More »

Lawmakers Give Up Guzzlers—Grudgingly

Energy bill amendment forces House reps to ditch taxpayer-funded gas-guzzlers

(Newser) - Last year's energy bill requiring House members to drive eco-friendly vehicles—if taxpayers are footing the bill—has some reps turning green at the thought of giving up their gas guzzlers, reports the Los Angeles Times. "I guarantee you my district is not upset that I'm driving a Chevy... More »

EPA Chief Ignored Staff on Calif. Ruling

Auto industry pushed White House to sway him, sources say

(Newser) - The EPA chief—under heavy pressure from the auto industry—rejected his own staff's advice in denying California’s request to set its own fuel economy standards, the Los Angeles Times reports. Stephen Johnson told the state that it’s request was unnecessary in the wake of the new energy... More »

The Last Muscle Car?

GM debuts the Corvette ZR1—but will the energy bill kill its kind?

(Newser) - GM will unveil the latest version of the Corvette at the Detroit auto show next month in all its supercharged, performance-car glory. But the 2009 Corvette ZR1 may actually be the last of an endangered breed—the Detroit muscle car. The new energy bill, with its stricter fuel economy standards,... More »

Bush Signs Huge Energy Bill

Law boosts emission standards for first time since '70s

(Newser) - President Bush today signed a sweeping energy bill that will improve automotive fuel-efficiency standards, boost biofuel production, and kill off the incandescent light bulb, the Washington Post reports. Bush said the law would reduce US dependence on foreign oil and even the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Both the White House... More »

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