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'Worst Governor Ever' Palin 'Honored' to Be a 'Celebrity'

Confrontation with ex-constituent caught on tape

(Newser) - While filming her reality show in Alaska over the weekend, Sarah Palin was caught on camera having an all-too-real discussion with a disgruntled former constituent. While fishing, Palin spotted a sign reading “Worst Governor Ever,” according to longtime Palin nemesis Shannyn Moore of the Huffington Post , and approached... More »

Music Biz Drops Concert Camera Bans

Bands give up trying to control images

(Newser) - As camera phones held aloft become as common as lighters in the air used to be at rock-and-roll concerts, the music industry is starting to give in to reality and drop camera bans. Most bands are allowed to choose their own photo policy, and a growing number are letting fans... More »

Finally, a Real Phone Camera

Picture-perfect phone closes the shutter on camera phone rivals

(Newser) - Adding a camera to a phone isn't exactly a novel concept, but the Motozine ZN5 breaks the mold by making it a proper digital camera instead of a feeble afterthought, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. For quality, he raves, "the ZN5’s photos trump anything offered... More »

Ark. Man Sues Mickey D's Over Wife's Nudie Pix

Workers vowed to keep lost camera phone 'safe'

(Newser) - An Arkansas man has sued McDonald's because nude photos of his wife on a cell phone he lost in one of the restaurants ended up on the Internet. When the man called the outlet, employees promised to keep the phone safe until he could collect it, reports the New York ... More »

Perps Catch Themselves on Candid Camera

DAs using criminals' own cellphone pics to put them away

(Newser) - Criminals may want to think twice the next time they feel like snapping photos of their exploits: authorities nationwide are using the indecent exposures as evidence against them, the Wall Street Journal reports. “We pray for those kinds of cases,” said an assistant state attorney, while a small-town... More »

Japan Hosts Camera Phone Film Festival

48 tiny videos yield intimate close-ups from around the world

(Newser) - Featuring 48 judge-selected short movies, each of them shot using a camera phone, Japan's Pocket Film Festival marks the dawning of a new era in amateur film making. Without special effects or fancy camera-work, the pocket-flicks, like winners "Thumb Girl" and "Walkers," are all close-up and intimate... More »

6 Stories