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Headed for Las Vegas? You May Need a Hot Plate

Cooks, servers, and hospitality workers may strike for first time in 30 years

(Newser) - Stanley Cup fans headed for Las Vegas might want to bring along some box lunches and extra sheets. The Culinary Union, which is the largest labor union in Las Vegas, has voted to strike as early as June 1 if major resorts fail to agree on a new five-year contract.... More »

After 20 Years Without Win, Slot Machine Pays $2.4M

Couple played 'Lion's Share' for 5 minutes before winning

(Newser) - The most popular slot machine out of 1,900 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the "Lion's Share" has had a reputation since it was installed in the '90s for boasting a sizable jackpot—thanks to no one ever having won it. It's so popular... More »

Cirque du Soleil Member Killed in Vegas Show

Sarah Guyard-Guillot fell from stage

(Newser) - For the first time in Cirque du Soleil's three decades, a performer has been killed in a performance accident. Sarah Guyard-Guillot fell from a vertical stage Saturday night, witnesses say, plummeting some 50 feet into a pit. She was wearing a harness, but it appeared to have detached from... More »

Behind the Scenes at America's Biggest Hotel

5K rooms, 8K workers, 12K guests per night at MGM Grand

(Newser) - Though boutique hotels are on the rise, their giant cousins are holding their own—and at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, that means providing a quality stay for 12,000 guests per night. As the Wall Street Journal explains in a feature, that also means 8,... More »

Lion Attacks Trainer in Vegas

Handler hospitalized after mauling at MGM Grand hotel

(Newser) - A lion lunged at a trainer at the MGM Grand hotel and casino in Las Vegas in an attack captured on video by shocked tourists. Another trainer helped get the male lion off the man, who was rushed to a local hospital, where he received several stitches. MGM officials insist... More »

Cash-Poor MGM Mirage May Sell Casinos

(Newser) - MGM Mirage, the gambling conglomerate, is considering the sale of casino properties in Michigan and Mississippi to pay down debt and save an underfunded Las Vegas development, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Vegas-based company has retained Morgan Stanley to shepherd the sales of the MGM Grand Detroit and Biloxi’... More »

Rap Mogul Busted in Gal Pal Knife Fight

Charged with deadly weapon assault in Vegas

(Newser) - The rap king with a mile-long rap sheet has been busted again. Hip-hop mogul Suge Knight was arrested on domestic violence charges after cops found him threatening his girlfriend with a knife, authorities said. The Death Row Records co-founder spent the day behind bars before posting $19,000 bail, reports... More »

Condo-Hotel Bubble Pops, Splatters Many

As more rooms go empty, buyers target developers

(Newser) - Condo-hotel rooms were a hot buy at the height of the housing boom, but marketing them as investments that would pay out every time they were occupied could come back to haunt developers, the Wall Street Journal reports. As business sours, buyers who find themselves making mortgage payments on empty... More »

Champ Delivers on KO Promise

Mayweather fends off Hatton with big blows in the 10th

(Newser) - Floyd Mayweather Jr. defended his welterweight crown against British challenger Ricky Hatton last night in 10 rounds. The 147-pound champion showed more punching than dancing, as Hatton kept on the offensive—contrary to the predictions that the bout would be a boring one. Before an overwhelmingly British crowd, Mayweather came... More »

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