The Bourne Supremacy

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Matt Damon: Bourne Script Was Crap

Feud alert?

(Newser) - Matt Damon seems so nice, and yet the beloved actor finds himself smack dab in the middle of a possible (and relatively polite) Hollywood feud. And Damon himself started it, when he discussed his three Bourne films with GQ . The writer, Tony Gilroy, was given a deal for the third... More »

Top Cultural Game-Changers

What will we still be talking about next decade? Britney, for one

(Newser) - The ‘00s were full of important contributions to culture, but which ones will we still be talking about in another decade? Here are some of New York ’s picks:
  • TV: The Sopranos for inventing quality cable, American Idol for changing the music industry, and of course all things
... More »

Stars Losing Gravitational Pull, Hollywood Finds

Franchises, concepts drive movie receipts more than A-list personalities

(Newser) - The lure of A-list movie stars is on the wane, the Hollywood Reporter notes after an examination of recent box-office receipts and extensive polling of Tinseltown insiders. Due in part to ubiquity on the internet and magazine racks, big names like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts have seen their films... More »

Vudu to Match DVD HD Releases

Service will offer HD downloads same day DVDs hit stores

(Newser) - The Bourne Ultimatum, the Matt Damon action movie, will be available online Tuesday - the same day as the DVD reaches video stores. AP reports it's the first of many high-definition movies to be released by Vudu, the on-demand video service. Vudu, which sells its set-top box for $399, will... More »

4 Stories