Ike Turner

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See the Playlist for Chelsea Clinton's $2M Wedding

Someone really likes Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky's wedding playlist has a boomer slant so strong that it suggests the thirtysomethings like the same music as their parents—or that someone's pulling TMZ 's leg. Selections include hits by Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Sam Cooke, and Michael Jackson. And they'd better be pretty... More »

Keys' Attack Releases Old Rut

Garage band figures out how to expand

(Newser) - The Black Keys had hoped collaborating with Ike Turner would finally push the band out of its tired “garage minimalism,” writes Pitchfork’s Roque Strew. Though Ike died in December, the band already had material that expanded its sound. Attack & Release is its “most adventurous album... More »

Turner Died of Cocaine OD

Music pioneer, 76, had a lifelong problem with drugs

(Newser) - Rock and soul legend Ike Turner died last month from a cocaine oversdose, a coroner's report says. Turner, 76, perhaps as famous for his abusive relationship with Tina Turner as for his pioneering music, had lifelong problems with drugs. The San Diego medical examiner says the overdose appears to have... More »

I Like Ike, Says Spector, But I Hate His Enemies

Eulogy takes aim at Tina, Oprah, others

(Newser) - Phil Spector gave an impromptu and rambling—but highly entertaining—eulogy at pal Ike Turner's funeral in which he took potshots at Tina, Oprah, Whoopi, and even Eric Clapton, Fox News reports. Spector glorified Turner—“Ike could play circles around Eric Clapton and Eric knew it”—and vilified... More »

Ike Turner Dead at 76

Musical legend gained infamy as Tina's abusive husband

(Newser) - Ike Turner, who gained nearly as much fame for his pioneering rock and soul music as he did being Tina Turner's abusive husband, died at age 76 today, the AP reports. The cause of death was not immediately known. Turner teamed with Tina for a series of powerful hits in... More »

5 Stories