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No Way to Predict Size of GOP Gains

'Strange election' offers wide range of outcomes, says Nate Silver

(Newser) - Polls are showing a huge range of possible results for tomorrow, with generic ballots suggesting anything from a 15-point Republican lead to a 3-point Democratic lead. “The fact is that there’s not really any way to say who’s right,” writes FiveThirtyEight polling guru Nate Silver in... More »

'Could Be' Candidate Bloomberg Crunching Data

NYC mayor targets supporters, volunteers

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg continues to deny that he's going to make an independent bid for the White House, but the billionaire New York mayor has built a colossal database of voter information from all 50 states, reports AP. "They want a hard-headed sense of their chances," said a member... More »

2 Stories