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'Could Be' Candidate Bloomberg Crunching Data

NYC mayor targets supporters, volunteers

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg continues to deny that he's going to make an independent bid for the White House, but the billionaire New York mayor has built a colossal database of voter information from all 50 states, reports AP. "They want a hard-headed sense of their chances," said a member... More »

Data Digger Arms Pols With Dirt on Voters

Gives scoop on your friends, arrests, finances, web habits

(Newser) - Political data miner Aristotle Inc has worked for every president since Reagan, 200 House candidates last year, and several current presidential hopefuls. Now the firm’s founder is debuting technology that breaks ground in accessing private information—revealing voters’ income, house value, conviction history, and even online behavior. One privacy... More »

2 Stories