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Leftist Who Uses Holograms Rising Sharply in French Polls

Surprising ascent of Jean-Luc Melenchon in presidential race is rattling France

(Newser) - Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and independent Emmanuel Macron have been drawing the lion's share of attention as the French presidential election nears (the first round is April 23 ), but a leftist candidate who has used a hologram of himself to stump at campaign rallies is now gaining... More »

Putin Bashes 'Delirious' Soviet Founder Lenin

Says Lenin placed 'time bomb' under Russian state

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, accusing him of placing a "time bomb" under the state and sharply denouncing brutal repressions by the Bolshevik government. The harsh criticism of Lenin, who's still revered by communists and many others in Russia, is unusual (though... More »

Czech President Is Shot—With a Pellet Gun

Vaclav Klaus recoiled when Communist sympathizer opened fire

(Newser) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus was opening a bridge in the northern town of Chrastava Friday when a man shot him at close range—with a pellet gun. The president recoiled a little but seemed unhurt, Radio Prague reports. The real damage may be to his security detail, whose chief bodyguard,... More »

FBI Suspected Ray Bradbury of Communist Leanings

Huffington Post unveils writer's FBI file

(Newser) - Ray Bradbury's criticism of the government got him investigated by the FBI in the 1960s as a suspected Communist sympathizer, according to FBI files obtained by the Huffington Post via a FOIA request. Bradbury was reported to the FBI by screenwriter Martin Berkeley, who years earlier had told the... More »

Allen West Slams Muslim-Friendly FBI Manual Edits

Says purging of references puts us on road to 'cultural suicide'

(Newser) - The FBI's purging of Islamaphobic references from its training manual puts us on the road to "cultural suicide," according to Florida Rep. Allen West. "We have to understand when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it will lead to cultural suicide," he said on Fox News,... More »

Commies in Congress?! No Such Luck, Says Party

Allen West's statement is 'sad ploy,' says national Communist group

(Newser) - Allen West may have made some headlines with his McCarthy-esque charge that 80 members of Congress are Communists, but the Communist Party itself thinks his "sad ploy" shows that he needs a lesson in democracy. “I didn’t know that being a Communist in Congress was off-limits or... More »

Allen West: 80 House Dems Are Communists!

But the Republican didn't name names

(Newser) - Rep. Allen West spoke to a crowd last night of about 100 in Jensen Beach, Fla.—a crowd whose numbers were only slightly larger than the number of Communist Party members working in Congress. That's right, West yesterday revealed that "he's heard" as many as 80... More »

Type in, and Guess Where You'll End Up?

(Newser) - Some wily jokester apparently got ahold of and and set them to redirect … to President Obama's campaign website. Some Republicans have apparently fallen for the prank, fueling existing speculation that Obama is a socialist or a Communist, the New York Times notes: One user... More »

Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street does the Communist Party

(Newser) - Well, this is one endorsement the Occupy Wall Street movement probably wasn't gunning for: The American Nazi Party has officially backed the Occupiers in a statement on its website . The ANP, which also calls itself a National Socialist party, writes that the Occupy Wall Street movement is “TAYLOR... More »

FBI Suspected Irving Kristol of Soviet Ties

5-month investigation ultimately cleared neo-con giant

(Newser) - During the late 1980s, the father of neoconservatism—who is also the father of Fox News commentator and Weekly Standard boss Bill Kristol—was investigated by the FBI over possible contact with a suspected Soviet agent, Gawker finds in a study of FBI documents. The much-redacted documents suggest contact information... More »

Communist China Turns 60, Really Just Celebrates Past 30

Communists used people as 'cannon fodder' before making it OK to get rich

(Newser) - A blowout party is hours away in Beijing, where the People’s Republic of China will celebrate its 60th anniversary with an unprecedented display in Tiananmen Square. But it’s worth noting that only the second 30 of those years are worth applauding, Isabel Hilton writes—not the first 30... More »

Berlin Corpse May Be Slain Leftist Hero

Doc thinks body in Berlin hospital cellar is 'Red Rosa' Luxemburg

(Newser) - For nearly a century, left-wingers have mourned at the tomb of Rosa Luxemburg, a murdered academic who fought to make Germany communist. But one pathologist insists Luxemburg’s body isn’t there, rather abandoned in a hospital cellar, Der Spiegel reports. The corpse Michael Tsokos found had no head, feet,... More »

Merde! French Rapper Sparks Feminist Fury

Lyrics threaten to break lovers arm, legs

(Newser) - A French musician's rap about beating his girlfriend has so enraged activists that they're lobbying to have him banned from an upcoming rock festival, the Guardian reports. OrelSan sings about a broken arm, broken legs, and a wished-for miscarriage and "slow death" for his lover in his song Sale ... More »

Czech Author Slams Claim He Aided Reds

Kundera denies turning in secret agent to Communists

(Newser) - Czech author Milan Kundera emerged from media isolation today to denounce a story that he betrayed a Cold War agent to the Communists, the Guardian reports. A historian says that in 1950, Kundera ratted on a Czech deserter hired by Western intelligence; the man served 14 years of mostly hard... More »

Ethel Was Innocent: Witness

Co-defendant admits being spy, calls Julius' secrets 'junk'

(Newser) - A co-defendant of Julius and Ethel  Rosenberg has admitted for the first time that he was a Soviet spy—and that she was innocent. Morton Sobell, 91, passed military secrets to the Communists in World War II when the nations were still allies, he told the New York Times. Sobell,... More »

Judge Orders Rosenberg Evidence Kept Secret

Attorneys sought material to clear Ethel

(Newser) - Evidence that could clear the name of Ethel Rosenberg must stay under wraps to protect grand jury secrecy, a judge ruled yesterday. Ethel and husband Julius were executed in 1953 for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets. Her brother David Greenglass, who testified against her, has since said he lied... More »

Ailing Fidel Appears on TV

Former Cuban president chats with Hugo Chavez about food, fuel crises

(Newser) - An animated Fidel Castro appeared on state-run Cuban TV yesterday, in the first such broadcast of the ailing revolutionary since January. Castro, standing in some parts of the video, was seen chatting in a garden with his brother Raul, the current Cuban president, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the AP... More »

Colombian Rebels Confirm Leader's Death

Marulanda, 78, died of a heart attack 'in arms of his companion'

(Newser) - A top Colombian rebel confirmed the death of FARC chief Manuel Marulanda in a TV interview today. Marulanda died of a heart attack 2 months ago, at age 78, "in the arms of his companion," he said. With "Sureshot" gone, new rebel leader Alfonso Cano may struggle... More »

Commies See Red Over Indiana Jones Film

St. Petersburg's Communist Party says a big 'nyet' to latest Indy adventure

(Newser) - Indy's new Cold War adventure has infuriated St. Petersburg's Communist Party, the London Times reports. The angry apparatchiks say Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's depiction of ruthless KGB spies who send terrorists to the US is pure propaganda intended to “slander Soviet Communists” and poison... More »

Gorbachev Admits He's Christian

Ex-Soviet prez publicly atheist, but Reagan sensed 'closet believer'

(Newser) - Nearly 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union's atheist empire, Mikhail Gorbachev has admitted he is a Christian, reports the Daily Telegraph. On a visit to Italy the last president of the Communist state prayed at the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi, and later told priests the... More »

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