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Students Sue College Over Vaginal Exams

Women say Valencia College retaliated when they complained about ultrasounds

(Newser) - Medical students sometimes perform procedures on fellow students in a practice known as "peer physical examination." But as the Orlando Sentinel notes, groups such as the US National Library of Medicine say clearer guidelines are needed. This lawsuit might speed things along: Two medical diagnostic students have sued... More »

How Seinfeld Is Teaching Psychiatry to Medical Students

Professor has trainees offer psychiatric evaluations of characters

(Newser) - Sure, it's no Sesame Street, but it turns out Seinfeld can be very educational. Its characters show signs of a range of psychiatric problems, and it's up to Rutgers medical students to diagnose them. Twice a week, professor Anthony Tobia has his students—who number about 150 a... More »

We Need to Shorten Time It Takes to Become a Doctor

Slate columnist thinks 14 years is too long

(Newser) - We're going to need more doctors in coming years, but our current system of producing them is too long and expensive, writes Brian Palmer in Slate . Factor in college, medical school, and the requisite fellowships and residencies, and the average US physician spends 14 years in training. That's... More »

Dark Knight Suspect Was Grad Student

James Holmes' apartment filled with booby traps: police

(Newser) - The 24-year-old accused of a movie theater shooting rampage was attending medical school until just last month, says a rep for the University of Colorado. The spokeswoman didn't know why James Holmes dropped out of the university, the AP reports. He lived in an apartment building exclusive to med... More »

Once a Pro-Lifer, She'll Soon Perform Abortions

Med student details what changed her mind

(Newser) - Rozalyn Farmer Love grew up Catholic, taught that abortions are categorically wrong. But the third-year medical student delved into women's health, meeting women in agonizing situations along the way, and realized that although "ending an unwanted pregnancy is a tragedy," it's far worse to deny "safe, competent... More »

Med School Will Stop Killing Dogs

Heart studies using live canines set to end next month

(Newser) - The last US medical school to sacrifice dogs so doctors-in-training can examine their beating hearts will end the practice next month, reports the New York Times. Medical students typically use echocardiograms to study hearts, and the subjects are live medical students. Students will “become just as good doctors without"... More »

6 Stories