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Assessing John Edwards' Comeback Chances

Atlantic polls image-makers on how to repair the damage

(Newser) - John Edwards’ public image hit new lows the past week, but the likes Richard Nixon, Eliot Spitzer, and Michael Milken have made successful comebacks, the Atlantic notes, in polling political spin doctors about Edwards’ comeback chances:
  • Bob Shrum: "The reality is so contrary to the image that he projected,
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Dems' Coded Message: McCain Is Old

GOP cries foul over between-the-lines jabs at candidate, 71

(Newser) - To a chorus of Republican indignation, Democrats are taking subtle swipes at John McCain's, er, septuagenarian status. From Joe Scarborough saying the "doddering" 71-year-old "needs to go to Miami Beach and play checkers” to John Kerry calling him “confused” or Barack Obama, 46, noting McCain's “half-century... More »

Pa. Primary Changed the Spin, not the Race

Both candidates try to shape narrative after predictable outcome

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania primary didn't change the basic parameters of the race for the Democratic nomination in any significant way, Andrew Romano writes in Newsweek. But it had a huge effect on the narrative, handing Hillary Clinton Exhibit A for her claim that  Barack Obama can't win over white men. She... More »

'100 Years' Flap Clearly a Sore Spot for GOP

Republicans' frequent complaints about Dems signal stress

(Newser) - Republicans are complaining loudly that Democrats keep distorting John McCain's comments about staying in Iraq for 100 years. So loudly, in fact, that it's a dead giveaway the GOP is seriously worried about the consequences of McCain's statement, writes Steve Benen in Salon. The continuing fallout is the "single... More »

Journo Picks Up Clinton's Spin

AP scribe renames 'superdelegates' and becomes 'messenger' for campaign: pundit

(Newser) - The AP described superdelegates as "automatic delegates" in a story last night, just as the Clinton camp asked—and turned the news service into a spin "messenger," Josh Marshall writes on the Talking Points Memo blog. The campaign wants superdelegates to sound less privileged in case they... More »

Dem Debate Oddly Like 'SNL' Parody

Clinton sees Barack coddling; NYT writer says she has a case

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton was so taken by last week's "Saturday Night Live" sketch that had moderators fawning over Barack Obama in a debate between the two candidates that she brought it up in the real debate last night. And the debate lived up to the SNL spoof, Alessandra Stanley writes... More »

What Will They Say After the Caucuses?

Why wait until tonight? Get the spin for each and every result here

(Newser) - No matter what result the Iowa caucuses bring tonight, the campaigns will have plenty of spin up their sleeves. NBC’s Chuck Todd previews the politico talk:
  • John Edwards: No one needs this one more. A victory will be a vindication of populism and domestic issues. A loss may well
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7 Stories