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Study Suggests You Should Leave Your Pubic Hair Alone

Researchers see higher rate of sexually transmitted infections among groomers

(Newser) - People who groom their pubic hair regularly are more likely to have a sexually transmitted infection, say researchers in a new study. To be clear, the researchers aren't saying that the grooming itself helps lead to the STI, reports Live Science . While it's possible that's the case—... More »

Calif. Couple Sues PetSmart in Dachshund Pup's Death

Henry suffered 2 broken ribs and a punctured lung within 3 minutes of arriving

(Newser) - Pet grooming is an unregulated business and requires no license, and a PETA spokesperson tells the San Francisco Chronicle that the organization gets complaints "all the time" from people who say their pets were injured or even killed during grooming at PetSmart. Now a California couple whose dachshund Henry... More »

Now Hot for Men: Makeup

Grooming products raked in $5B last year, up 100% since 1997

(Newser) - Makeup isn't just for ladies anymore, but that doesn't mean you're about to see Adam Lambert lookalikes at every turn. A new trend in stealth makeup, or ahem, "grooming," has men's cosmetics sales climbing—to the tune of more than $5 billion that American... More »

20% of Men Never Shampoo, Use Deodorant

But younger generation likes oils and creams

(Newser) - Woe to the gals who shack up with these guys. One in five men don't use deodorant or body spray of any kind, and the same number never use shampoo, a new study says. Conducted by a European market research company, the study of 1,000 men also shows... More »

What's the Deal With Unshaven Women?

Role models like Mo'Nique remind girls they have a choice

(Newser) - Mo’Nique’s hairy legs during this year's awards season put personal grooming in the spotlight: Are women who skip shaving taking a stand or just grossing other people out? Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls tells the New York Times , “People assume you’re making a statement, but... More »

Definitely Not in Recession: Facial Hair

Laid off from corporate America, guys give razors a pink slip

(Newser) - Beards have become the slim silver lining for men laid off amid the recession. Everyone from out-of-work hedge-funders to the Foo Fighters seems to be hirsute, the Wall Street Journal reports. With proper trimming, facial hair can even be carried to job interviews, but most are indulging in the short-lived... More »

10 Tips for the Stylish Gent

Designer Paul Smith dishes on T-shirts and tailor-made suits

(Newser) - Natty British designer Paul Smith outlines his do's and don'ts for the 21st-century gentlemen in a cagey Details interview. Cologne lovers, beware:
  1. T-shirts seem easy, but they're a big no-no; go with a collar.
  2. A good, bland haircut is better than a failed stylish one.
  3. Women first! Don't ignore them
... More »

Monkeys Swap Grooming for Sex

Male macaques groom for longer when fewer females are around

(Newser) - What price for a little lovin'? Male macaque monkeys pay for sex by grooming females, but only as much as necessary: They groom for longer when fewer females are around, and for less time when there are more, according to a new study. "In primate societies, grooming is the... More »

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