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IMDb May Not Be Able to Tell You Every Actor's Age Anymore

Thanks to a new California law

(Newser) - It's one thing if the world knows that Brad Pitt is 52; people know just about everything else that's going on in his life. But for the thousands of lesser-known working actors constantly on the prowl for gigs, age discrimination is a real (if illegal) problem. So on... More »

Actress Suing IMDB Reveals Her Name

It's Junie Hoang, who's been in small-budget flicks

(Newser) - Remember the anonymous actress suing IMDB for revealing that her age is 40? She is anonymous no more, notes the Hollywood Reporter . It's Huong Hoang, who mostly goes by the stage name of Junie Hoang. Never heard of her? She has been working fairly regularly, but in small-budget movies... More »

Top 10 Actors We Stalk on IMDb

Natalie Portman steals top spot from Johnny Depp this year

(Newser) - When you want to ogle an actor, the Internet Movie Database is a reasonable destination. So which 10 celebs racked up the most IMDb profile page views in 2011? The top spot now belongs to Natalie Portman , who snagged the crown from Johnny Depp (now No. 3, he's been... More »

Actress Suing IMDb Over Age Must Reveal Her Name

'Jane Doe' must re-file suit under real name or drop case

(Newser) - A bizarre celebrity lawsuit takes an amusing twist. The actress suing for $1 million because the Internet Movie Database, which Amazon owns, revealed her real age, must reveal something of her own: her name. The Hollywood Reporter explains that a US District Court judge yesterday ruled that "... More »

Actress Sues IMDb for Revealing Her Actual Age

'Jane Doe' wants $1M

(Newser) - Here’s another entry on the list of bizarre celebrity lawsuits: An actress is suing for $1 million because the Internet Movie Database, which Amazon owns, revealed her age. The actress—sadly, we can’t tell you who she is, because she filed as “Jane Doe”—... More »

IMDb Hopes to Stream All 1.3M Movies (Someday)

(Newser) - The founder of IMDb said he hopes to someday offer users one-click streaming of the 1.3 million movies and TV shows the site indexes, CNET reports. Significant hurdles remain—particularly obtaining rights from so many different owners—but full streaming is a “major goal” of the company beginning... More »

Comcast Launches Web Film, TV Trove

Hub called Fancast will offer 3,000 hours of media, plus listings and data bases

(Newser) - Comcast will offer more than 3,000 hours of film and television titles on a new online venture called Fancast. Users will also be able to use the hub to tap into the vast IMDB database, seek TV listings, and find their way to TV shows and theatrical releases available... More »

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