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Moby Dick Restaurant's 'Offensive' Name Spawns Suit

Building council objects to eatery's moniker and logo

(Newser) - Maybe if they had just called it Ishmael, none of this would have happened. A British Columbia company has filed a lawsuit against a building council that refuses to let it lease a unit it owns to a Moby Dick Restaurant fish-and-chips franchise in part because the second word in... More »

Hilary Duff, Boyfriend Sorry for Halloween Costumes

They dressed up as pilgrim, Native American chief

(Newser) - Hilary Duff apologized "from the bottom of her heart" Sunday for the Halloween costumes she and new boyfriend Jason Walsh wore to a Halloween party Friday. The couple—in a photo that can be seen here —were dressed as a sexy pilgrim and a Native American chief, with... More »

It Begins: 'Final Battle' for Biggest ISIS City

More than 35K troops launch push to retake Mosul

(Newser) - Iraq has launched what a military spokesman says is no less than a battle for the country's future: An operation to retake Mosul, once the country's second-largest city, from ISIS, which seized it more than two years ago, has begun. The US-led coalition is supporting Iraqi troops and... More »

Frat Suspended for 'Grossly Offensive' Email

Richmond punishes Kappa Alphas over party invite

(Newser) - The University of Richmond has suspended a fraternity for what it says was a "grossly offensive" email inviting students to a Kappa Alpha Order party last Friday, CBS News reports. "Tonight's the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school" and... More »

Gap: Sorry for Black Girl as 'Armrest' in Ad

Critics say GapKids photo is racially insensitive—but there's a twist

(Newser) - A new Gap ad is causing a stir on social media for what critics say is a racist depiction of a young black girl, Fortune reports. The photo features the child and three white girls. While the two girls bookending the photo strike acrobatic poses, the white girl in the... More »

Tennessee Makes Posting 'Distressing' Images Illegal

Constitutional scholars question updated law

(Newser) - Constitutional scholars are raising their eyebrows over a new Tennessee law that makes it illegal to “transmit or display” an image online if it would “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress.” Doing so is punishable by almost a year in jail or $2,500 in fines. The... More »

NJ Bans the Word 'Retarded'

At least in official state documents

(Newser) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a law today forbidding state laws or rules to use the term “mentally retarded” to refer to those with intellectual disabilities. “This is making sure each citizen in our state is treated with the respect they deserve,” Christie said. “It’... More »

Next Target Taliban Stronghold of Kandahar

Meanwhile, Gates arrives in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Preparations have begun for a crucial campaign to assert Afghan government control over Kandahar, spiritual home of the Taliban, Gen. Stanley McChrystal said today. The NATO-led force is growing in districts around Kandahar that are under the Taliban thumb, ahead of an eventual military operation, McChrsytal said, though he added... More »

Wildlife Group Disowns 9/11 Ad

WWF actually rejected 9/11-themed advertisement

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund has been blasted for an ad bearing its logo that shows a slew of planes bearing down on New York City. The latest twist: WWF never authorized it. In fact, it's just a spec ad created by a Brazil agency that was quickly rejected by the... More »

Gaza Neighborhoods Fall to Machine Gun Battles

Israeli troops shoot it out with militants in suburbs as Egypt tries to broker ceasefire

(Newser) - Israeli troops are battling Hamas militants in the suburbs of Gaza City, filling residential streets with the chilling rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire, reports the BBC. Israeli forces have advanced deep into several neighborhoods, and air strikes hit 60 targets in Gaza overnight, including tunnels under the Egyptian border and... More »

Sri Lanka Celebrates 'Decisive' Win Over Rebels

(Newser) - Sri Lanka’s president called today’s seizure of a Tamil Tiger stronghold “an unparalleled victory” that could bring an end to the nation's 25-year civil war, the Times of London reports. Most observers, however, say the government will need to make some sort of political agreement with the... More »

Pakistani Offensive Shuts US Supply Line to Afghanistan

Crackdown targets Khyber Pass militants

(Newser) - Pakistan closed the main route used to ferry supplies to US and allied troops in Afghanistan today after launching a fresh offensive against militants in the area. The road through the Khyber Pass in the northwest of Pakistan has faced increasing attacks by militants seeking to squeeze Western forces fighting... More »

Sacramento GOP Site Takes Down Obama Hate Images

Officials voice disgust over local party linking Dem to bin Laden

(Newser) - Sacramento Republicans yesterday removed images from their website urging voters to “Waterboard Barack Obama” and declaring “The Only Difference Between Obama and Osama is a Little BS.” State party leaders condemned the content, with a spokesman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger calling it “completely and totally inappropriate,... More »

Denis Leary: Autistic Kids Are 'Just Stupid'

Comedian's caustic book says disorder is all in parents' heads

(Newser) - Denis Leary is not a sensitive man. His new book, Why We Suck, seems bound to offend people, the New York Post reports, particularly autistic people. Leary asserts that autism is booming because parents “want an explanation for why their dumb-ass kids can’t compete academically,” so they... More »

Juno Barbs Prompt Protests

Adoptive parents hurt by 'iPod scene'

(Newser) - Angry viewers are lobbying to axe "hurtful" lines from the trailer of quirky adoption flick Juno before showing it at the Oscars, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The offending scene—televised at the Golden Globes—has the title character quipping the Chinese "give away babies like free iPods.... More »

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