Nevada caucus

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Reports of Double Voting, Chaos in Nevada Caucus

One Rubio strategist is alleging widespread fraud

(Newser) - It sounds like early predictions of chaos for Tuesday's Republican caucus in Nevada were right on the money. "Trying to catch all the fraud that's going on here would be like trying to plug all the holes in the Titanic," a Marco Rubio strategist tells CNN... More »

Don't Hold Your Breath for Nevada Caucus Results

The caucus is underway

(Newser) - The Nevada Republican caucus is underway, but don't hold your breath for results. Politico's Jon Ralston tweets they're hoping to have results before 11pm PT but may not be able to declare a winner until Wednesday afternoon. During the 2012 caucus, it took the state days to... More »

Trump: I'll Act More Presidential 'Pretty Soon'

But right now he's busily 'fighting for my life'

(Newser) - In the wake of Saturday night's victory in South Carolina , Donald Trump acknowledges he probably needs to act more presidential and says he'll do so "pretty soon." The often brash Trump tells Fox News Sunday, ''I think I'll be very presidential at the... More »

Poll: Nevada Sure to Be a Nail-Biter for Democrats

Clinton has 48% support to Sanders' 47%

(Newser) - Saturday is Democratic caucus day in Nevada, and it should be a nail-biter: The latest CNN /ORC poll finds that 48% of likely attendees back Hillary Clinton and 47% support Bernie Sanders. Clinton is doing better with women while Sanders is doing better with young people, but both white and... More »

Trump: I Handed Romney Nevada Landslide

The Donald tells 'Fox and Friends' he'll take credit for Mitt's victory

(Newser) - Mitt Romney easily won in Nevada Saturday—a result he had also achieved in 2008 , and a feat that the polls (and Newt Gingrich ) predicted before Donald Trump endorsed Romney . But never mind all that, Trump is just going to take credit for the victory. "There was a... More »

Newt: I'd Vote for Romney

But just because Obama is so terrible

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich may be embroiled in the biggest brawl the Republican party has seen, but he's reiterating that that doesn't mean he wouldn't get behind the "liar" he's beating up: "President Obama is so unacceptable that I will support the Republican nominee," Gingrich... More »

Romney Wins Easily in Nevada

Gingrich, Paul in close race for second

(Newser) - The polls this week were right: Mitt Romney easily won the Nevada caucuses tonight, just as he did four years ago, report the AP and CNN . That's two straight victories for the frontrunner. The more interesting battle was that for second place: Romney took 42%, but Ron Paul at... More »

They Sure Love Ron Paul in Rural Nevada

Pahrump residents turn out for Republican candidate

(Newser) - Battling for second place in the Nevada caucuses, Ron Paul has discovered a place where he definitely comes in first. Paul visited a rural district 60 miles west of Las Vegas yesterday and bathed in the adulation of hundreds who gathered at a roller rink, some carrying sidearms, the Las ... More »

Things to Watch in Nevada Caucuses

Mitt Romney needs a blowout win; can Ron Paul finish second?

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's big lead in the polls in Nevada makes today's caucuses a not-so-thrilling affair, but the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Washington Post manage to find some things for political junkies to watch:
  • Mitt Romney: Can he beat the 51% mark he got here four years ago?
... More »

Blowout in Nevada? Romney Is on Track

Newt Gingrich is 20 points behind him in new poll

(Newser) - Mitt Romney appears poised for a crushing victory in Nevada, leading Newt Gingrich there by a whopping 45% to 25%, according to a new poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal . Romney's total is powered by Nevada's comparatively large Mormon population, 85.5% of which says it intends... More »

Gingrich Expects to Lose in Nevada, Michigan

Campaign dials back expectations, sets sights on caucus states

(Newser) - It doesn't look like Newt Gingrich will win in Florida today, and his campaign doesn't think he'll win the next contest either. A campaign spokesman tried to dial back expectations today, telling CNN that Gingrich wasn't expecting much from Nevada—which holds its caucuses five days... More »

Nevada Shifts Caucus to Jan. 14

Move likely to push Iowa vote back to 2011

(Newser) - Florida's decision to push its GOP primary back to Jan. 31 now looks likely to push the Republican nominating calendar into 2011. Nevada's Republican Party has announced that it plans to hold its caucus on Jan. 14, meaning New Hampshire is likely to shift its primary to even... More »

South Carolina Sets Primary for January 21

Which means Iowa and New Hampshire will be even earlier

(Newser) - The dominos are toppling from Florida’s decision to hold its primary on Jan. 31 . South Carolina will today announce that it’s holding its vote on Jan. 21, in an effort to put some distance between itself and Florida, a pair of GOP sources tell CNN . “Last Friday,... More »

No More Mr., Mrs. Nice Dems

Staid debate aside, Nevada's dogfight sets the stage for a nasty campaign

(Newser) - Despite measured tones at Tuesday’s debate, the Nevada race was a dirty one for the leading Dems, Politico reports. The mudslinging began when Hillary Clinton said the Culinary Workers Union was scaring its members into supporting Barack Obama. The Illinois senator, for his part, did not prevent a union-backed... More »

Obama Camp: Who Won Nevada? You Do the Math

Obama claims victory in delegate race

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the Nevada caucuses with 51% to Barack Obama's 45%, but Obama campaign representatives say their candidate won one more national delegate, the Washington Post reports. The Clinton disputes that calculation, insisting that delegates to the national Democratic convention won't even be determined until... More »

Duncan Drops Out of GOP Race

California lawmaker pushed immigration in longshot bid

(Newser) - California Rep. Duncan Hunter pulled out of the GOP presidential race today after winning only 2% of votes in the Nevada caucuses, CNN reports. The San Diego-area lawmaker said that failing to "gain traction in conservative states of Nevada and South Carolina" proved it was time to quit. A... More »

Women, Latinos Key to Hill's Win

She beats Obama in Nevada, but he earns more delegates

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton won the Nevada caucuses today on the strength of women and Latino voters, claiming her second straight primary victory, CNN reports. With 98% of returns in, Clinton led 51% to 45% over Barack Obama. Despite losing the state's popular vote, Obama earned more delegates than Clinton, 13 to... More »

Nev. Union Bullied Voters, Clinton Claims

Workers' rep calls it 'ludicrous'; Obama wants formal complaint

(Newser) - Bill Clinton said today he personally witnessed reps from the pro-Obama Culinary Workers union threaten members who vowed to vote for Hillary in the Nevada caucuses. Workers who weren't pro-Obama would have their schedules changed to keep them from voting, Clinton claimed. “This is ludicrous,” the union’s... More »

¿Como Se Dice ‘Caucus’ En Español?

Nevada's booming diversity makes it a whole new ballgame from Iowa or NH

(Newser) - Iowa and New Hampshire may get most of the crowning glory, but Nevada's demographics make its "First in the West" contest a significant political battleground, the Las Vegas Sun says. As the state caucused today, the hometown paper polishes off the differences between the Silver State and its two... More »

Romney Wins Silver State Caucuses

Ron Paul takes second place in surprise finish

(Newser) - Mitt Romney won the Nevada Republican caucuses today, the AP reports, his second straight victory. Romney nabbed 51% of the vote with nearly all returns in. In a surprise, Ron Paul (14%) edged past John McCain (13) to take second place. Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee both got 8%, and... More »

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