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Report: Uber Paid $100K to Hacker Who Lives With Mom

'Extremely unusual' payoff to hide breach made under company's bug bounty program: sources

(Newser) - Uber last month revealed a major 2016 hack that exposed information for 57 million customers and drivers, as well as the fact that it paid out $100,000 to the attackers to scrub the information and keep the breach secret. Now, sources tell Reuters it was actually one hacker who... More »

Cosby Rape Accusers: Here's What Happened, in Detail

Five women tell the Post about alleged horrific encounters

(Newser) - Details of alleged sexual assaults by Bill Cosby just keep on coming. Today five women describe his purported attacks in blood-curdling detail to the Washington Post , with some saying they were drugged before the encounter and others claiming they screamed, tried fighting him off, or said they would fight him... More »

Walmart Ducked Mexican Laws via Rampant Bribery

Mexican arm was 'aggressive and creative corrupter': NYT

(Newser) - Following the New York Times' April revelation that Walmart silenced a 2006 probe into the company's Mexican bribery scandal, the Times took things into its own hands. In a lengthy investigation, the paper finds that Walmart de Mexico, the country's largest private employer, wasn't a helpless player... More »

Feds Target Walmart Bribery Scam in Criminal Inquiry

Company could face 'incredibly high' penalties

(Newser) - Walmart is under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice over allegations that it doled out millions in bribes to Mexican officials in order to grow its business there more quickly, sources tell Bloomberg and the Washington Post . The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits companies from paying foreign officials... More »

Walmart Silences $27M Bribery Probe

Company execs scuttle investigation into Mexican payoffs

(Newser) - Looks like Walmart stores blew past their competition in Mexico by doling out millions of dollars in bribes—and, when the scandal came to light, sweeping it deftly under the rug, the New York Times reports. Former Walmart de Mexico executive Sergio Cicero Zapata revealed the payoffs in 2005, triggering... More »

Senate Opens Impeachment Hearings on La. Judge

Chamber's first since Bill Clinton's in 1999

(Newser) - The Senate will open today an impeachment trial against a Louisiana judge facing a slew of corruption charges, Fox News reports. The House already voted unanimously to impeach US District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, accused of lying under oath and taking payoffs. A Senate impeachment panel will hold three all-day... More »

Rangel Inquiry Expands to Donor Concerns

Rep. faces allegations he fought tax loophole in funding tradeoff

(Newser) - A House ethics committee broadened its probe into Charles Rangel over concerns the New York Democrat fought a tax loophole in exchange for a $1 million donation to his policy institute. The subcommittee has been investigating Rangel’s personal finances since September over several other corruption allegations; now, it looks... More »

Blagojevich Sought Cabinet Post for Obama's Senate Seat

FBI tapes reveal wish for health secretary post

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich had said he wanted “something real good” in exchange for his choice of a replacement for the president-elect in the Senate, Politico reports. Otherwise, he said in FBI tapes the day before the election, “I’ll just send myself.” A Senate seat is a "... More »

Florida District Endures Another Sex Scandal

Election year foibles mirror page-loving Foley he replaced

(Newser) - Just two years after Mark Foley resigned, Florida’s 16th district has another sex scandal on its hands, Time reports. Democratic Representative Tim Mahoney, who is fighting for reelection, has been implicated in an affair/payoff scandal, and investigators are wondering if he hushed his mistress with taxpayer dollars. Mahoney took... More »

Stevens May Testify Tomorrow

Wife could also take stand in senator's corruption trial

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Stevens appears likely to testify tomorrow as part of his defense against corruption charges, Reuters reports. The Alaska Republican, charged with failing to disclose $250,000 gifts from oil firms, told a Washington court today he understood he was not legally required to testify. Stevens’ wife, Catherine, may... More »

Stevens Jurors Hear Tape of Plot to Hide Free Work

(Newser) - Two close friends of Sen. Ted Stevens schemed to conceal the fact that one was paying for extensive work done at the senator's cabin in Alaska, according to FBI audiotapes played today at Stevens' corruption trial. The pair, Bill Allen and Bob Persons, are heard on tape fretting in February... More »

CEOs Live the Good Afterlife

Lavish 'severance' payments go to heirs if bosses die at the helm

(Newser) - Corporate critics who say there is not enough connection between performance and executive pay may be gravely concerned to learn that many execs will keep getting sky-high bonuses when they're 6 feet under. A Wall Street Journal review finds dozens of CEOs will receive "golden coffin" payments if they... More »

Bookies Pay Out on Longshot Clinton Bets

At 100-to-1, Hillary's victory startles political gambling websites

(Newser) - Clinton supporters of an apolitical kind had reason to celebrate after her surprise win in New Hampshire: bettors on a Hillary victory reaped huge payoffs after her odds dropped to a low of 100-to-1. Bloomberg reports that the Dublin-based Intrade had made an Obama result a near certainty, leaving contrarians... More »

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