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Trump Offers 'New Deal' for Black Americans

He praises Newt Gingrich for Megyn Kelly interview

(Newser) - Donald Trump's poll numbers among black Americans are abysmal—he's polling at around half the 6% Mitt Romney received in 2012—but he hasn't given up trying. On Wednesday, he offered a "new deal for black America" in a policy-heavy speech delivered to what the Washington ... More »

Trump: War Zones Are Safer Than US Inner Cities

Democrats have completely failed, he says

(Newser) - "Democrats have failed completely in the inner cities," Donald Trump said at a rally in Ohio Monday night, urging minority voters to give him a chance to change things. Murder rates are up "all over the place," he told the Akron crowd, saying "war zones... More »

Trump's 'African-American' Is 'Not a Supporter'

Gregory Cheadle not offended by Trump's remarks, but doesn't know if he'll vote for him

(Newser) - Donald Trump lauded a man he called "my African-American" at a California rally on Friday, and that man, Gregory Cheadle, came out almost immediately to say he hadn't been bothered by the reference and was even "happy" about it. Yet that doesn't mean the Republican, who'... More »

White Man Hints He's Black to Win Houston Vote

Anti-gay activist's deceptive flyers didn't show his face

(Newser) - To win over voters in a largely black Democratic district, conservative white Republican Dave Wilson opted for misleading tactics: The candidate for the Houston Community College Board of Trustees never showed his face on election materials, instead decorating them with African-American faces he'd pulled from the Internet, he acknowledges.... More »

NC Voter ID Law Runs Into Roadblock: the DOJ

Eric Holder to announce lawsuit today: source

(Newser) - North Carolina passed a controversial voter ID law in July, but if the Department of Justice has its way, the law—said to be the most sweeping of its kind in the nation—may never be enforced. The DOJ will file suit against the state today, a source tells Politico... More »

Ohio Voting Official: Why Accommodate Blacks?

GOP official calls for 'fair and reasonable' voting hours

(Newser) - An Ohio Republican Party county chair who also happens to be an elections board member wants voting to be "fair and reasonable"—but his definition of "fair" isn't likely to sit well with many voters. Amid controversy in the state over the decision to kill some... More »

Hispanic, Black Voter Rolls Drop

Could be bad news for Obama, Democrats

(Newser) - For the first time in almost 40 years, the number of Hispanic registered voters has plummeted—both nationally, by 5% since 2008, and in important swing states. In New Mexico, numbers have fallen 28%; in Florida it's 10%. Meanwhile, the number of black registered voters has dropped 7% nationally—... More »

Obama Backers, Drop the Race Card

We've moved beyond it: Kathleen Parker

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker takes to task members of the black media who are urging African Americans to vote for President Obama simply because he's black. And she hopes Obama doesn't join in playing the race card himself. "It would be the worst thing not only for his reelection... More »

Blacks Still Unequal in US: Report

African-Americans remain less employed, more often imprisoned than whites

(Newser) - Though a black family occupies the White House, inequality between African-Americans and whites persists in the US, a study by the Urban League says. Blacks are twice as likely to be jobless, three times more likely to be poor, six times more likely to have spent time in prison. A... More »

Obama-Driven Minority Turnout Fueled Marriage Ban

Latino, black supporters helped conservative Calif. proposition pass

(Newser) - Barack Obama's popularity among California's minorities helped pass the state's conservative-backed gay marriage ban, Dan Walters writes in the Sacramento Bee. Blacks and Latinos—94% of whom voted for Obama—turned out in record numbers, and the majority of them supported the ban. The proposition would probably have failed with... More »

Obama Quietly Moves to Pump Up Black Vote

Dem balances image concerns with efforts to increase turnout

(Newser) - Barack Obama is running a quiet parallel campaign aimed at black voters while he spends his time and more obvious effort in moderate white areas, Politico reports. The campaign has run ads targeted at black voters that aren’t released to the media, and scoured heavily African-American areas for new... More »

Detroit Mess May Hurt Obama

In battleground Michigan, GOP seizing on Dem's support of ousted Detroit mayor

(Newser) - The fall of Kwame Kilpatrick could hurt Barack Obama’s chances in all-important Michigan, writes Keith Naughton for Newsweek. Long before the scandal broke, Obama embraced Kilpatrick at a Detroit event and told a crowd the “great” mayor would do “astounding things for many years to come”—... More »

Obama's Run Forces Debate on Black Identity

Candidacy highlights growing divides in black America

(Newser) - Barack Obama's candidacy has drawn overwhelming support from the black community but also sparked debate on how much of a community it really is. The Wall Street Journal examines how Obama's international and biracial heritage highlights the growing diversity of black America, and some of the tensions this has created.... More »

Housing Bill Funds Democratic Ally

Group sets out to register the poor

(Newser) - Nestled in the housing bill President Bush signed yesterday is an acronym Republicans don’t like one bit: ACORN. The Wall Street Journal reports that the group is among the many housing-related nonprofits the bill hands cash to, but Republicans grumble that it does more than housing. It’s also... More »

Obama to NAACP: 'Seize Responsibility'

Candidate pushes home message on accountability at NAACP convention

(Newser) - Barack Obama stood firm on his message to blacks of personal responsibility in his speech to the NAACP convention yesterday, reports the Chicago Tribune. The candidate, accused by Jesse Jackson last week of "talking down to black people," revisited his theme of personal accountability while stressing that responsibility... More »

Black Media Outlets Focus on Obama Ads

Budget for African-American outreach unclear

(Newser) - The Barack Obama campaign hasn't spent much on advertising in African-American media, a trend many hope the candidate will reverse as he gears up for the general election, Advertising Age reports. "The audience has to be motivated to get out and vote," says a BET exec who cautions... More »

How Hillary Missed the Boat on Black Votes

Obama's dominance in the demographic hardly a given at the start

(Newser) - Barack Obama's lead over Hillary Clinton among black voters is perhaps not surprising, but Clinton could have avoided such devastating losses in the demographic, Thomas Schaller writes in Salon. "One would expect Obama to win these voters, but 90-10 is a total collapse that Obama is not experiencing among... More »

Race Looms Large After Obama Loss

Dems start asking whether a black candidate can win

(Newser) - Until recently, Barack Obama seemed to have quashed concerns about the chances of an African-American winning the White House. But as he inches closer to the nomination, more Democrats are beginning to ask whether white and other non-black voters will elect a black man in November. The question has taken... More »

'Chicago Was His Harvard of Politics'

A look back at Obama's early political presence

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s unconventional personal background contrasts sharply with the roots of his political instincts and career. In Chicago's patronage-happy system, the young pol learned to break bread with conservatives, play to the black masses, and even get his back up when necessary. The Wall Street Journal examines the candidate’... More »

Smiley Quits Radio Show After Obama Remarks

'He can't take the hate,' host says

(Newser) - Tavis Smiley is quitting as political analyst for a national radio show after comments he made about Barack Obama, the Washington Post reports. Smiley says he’s leaving the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” for personal reasons, but Joyner says otherwise. “The real reason is that he can’t... More »

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