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Toner Cartridge SCOTUS Case Is 'Potentially Momentous'

Supreme Court decision will affect much more than just printer toner refills

(Newser) - It might be the sleeper case of the current Supreme Court session: A fight over the seemingly humdrum topic of toner cartridges for printers actually has "potentially momentous importance for modern commerce," per the respected SCOTUSblog . On its surface, the case of Impression Products v. Lexmark International is... More »

Obama Cracks Down on Patent Trolls

He'll issue executive order to try to curb abuses

(Newser) - President Obama plans to issue five executive orders today aimed at slaying, or at least curtailing, patent trolls—companies that amass a lot of patents purely for licensing and litigation purposes. Obama's orders will, among other things, ask the Patent and Trademark Office to take a harder look at... More »

S. Korean Court to Apple, Samsung: You're Both Guilty

3-judge panel makes both companies pay minor fine

(Newser) - Samsung did indeed violate one of Apple's patents in making its Galaxy mobile devices—but Apple violated two of Samsung's patents right back, a South Korean court concluded today. A three-judge panel awarded both companies damages that were a lot lower than what they were asking for, and... More »

Lin Seeks to Trademark 'Linsanity'

Meanwhile, the Knicks' streak finally ends

(Newser) - "Linsanity," the exciting play of unlikely basketball hero Jeremy Lin, may belong to the world, but "Linsanity" the word, that belongs to Jeremy Lin—or so says Lin. The newest New York Knick star has applied for a trademark on the term with the US Patent and... More »

Lawsuit: We Invented the Web, So Pay Up Google

Eolas Technologies patent claims interactive web is its brainchild

(Newser) - A case is being tried in Tyler, Texas, this week that could determine the future of the Internet. On one side: The world's top web companies, including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Apple. On the other: A tiny company called Eolas Technologies that claims it patented the "interactive web.... More »

Samsung Sues Apple to Block iPhone 4S Sales

Lawsuits filed in Japan and Australia

(Newser) - Samsung fired another salvo in its legal war with Apple today, filing suits in Japan and Australia to try to prevent iPhone 4S sales there—on top of similar suits already filed in France and Italy. Each suit revolves around a different patent Samsung says Apple is infringing, the Wall ... More »

Google to Fight All Patent Lawsuits

Search firm worries it's seen as easy target for settlements

(Newser) - Google is pursuing a more aggressive litigation strategy in an attempt to curb the number of patent lawsuits filed against it, Bloomberg reports. The company originally tended to settle lawsuits, getting rid of them quickly. But management is worried that doling out settlements has made it look like an easy... More »

Senate to Mull Patent Law That Shields Big Biz

Upstarts would get lower damage awards if bill passes

(Newser) - The Senate is planning to look at a patent bill that would limit damage awards and tip the balance of power between corporations and smaller upstarts, the New York Times reports. Backers say the bill will curb gratuitous lawsuits filed against technology giants by speculators known derisively as "patent... More »

8 Stories