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The Worst Pop Music Puns

When humor and music don't harmonize

(Newser) - Hate puns? Consider this stinker from Robbie Williams' latest record: "What's so great about the great depression/Is it a blast for you?/Because it's blas-phe-my." Ouch. Puns are uniformly terrible in pop and rock. NME cobbles together some of the worst pun song titles:
  • Salt N Pepa: "A
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Ten Pre-Kanye Stage Rushes

West even makes the list with a pre-Taylor Swift intrusion

(Newser) - Kanye West is only the latest celebrity to invade the stage and rain on someone else’s parade. The Daily Mirror runs down 10 other notable moments, from funny to tragic:
  1. Keith Richards: Famously guitar-chopped a fan who rushed the stage.
  2. Noel Gallagher: On-stage shove left him with three broken
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Music Giant EMI Slashing 2,000 Jobs

Robbie Williams warns he'll withhold album to protest 'bean counters'

(Newser) - The new owners of record company titan EMI are cleaning house, starting with the elimination of 2,000 jobs—a third of its workforce—in a restructuring that could also include dumping artists, reports the Wall Street Journal. The layoffs come as new owner, Terra Firma Capital, tries to rejuvenate... More »

3 Stories