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No More Mr., Mrs. Nice Dems

Staid debate aside, Nevada's dogfight sets the stage for a nasty campaign

(Newser) - Despite measured tones at Tuesday’s debate, the Nevada race was a dirty one for the leading Dems, Politico reports. The mudslinging began when Hillary Clinton said the Culinary Workers Union was scaring its members into supporting Barack Obama. The Illinois senator, for his part, did not prevent a union-backed... More »

Nev. Union Bullied Voters, Clinton Claims

Workers' rep calls it 'ludicrous'; Obama wants formal complaint

(Newser) - Bill Clinton said today he personally witnessed reps from the pro-Obama Culinary Workers union threaten members who vowed to vote for Hillary in the Nevada caucuses. Workers who weren't pro-Obama would have their schedules changed to keep them from voting, Clinton claimed. “This is ludicrous,” the union’s... More »

Judge OKs Vegas Casino Caucuses

Clinton supporters' suit dismissed; Obama seen as beneficiary

(Newser) - A federal judge today dismissed an effort by Hillary Clinton supporters to block Saturday caucuses for Las Vegas Strip shift workers, reports the AP. The lawsuit claimed the at-large precincts created for the workplace caucuses gave those voters too many delegates. The decision is expected to benefit Barack Obama, who... More »

Latinos the Wild Card in Nevada

Immigration debate has unnerved many

(Newser) - Hispanic voters could be key next November because they form a significant  minority of eligible voters in states President Bush won by less than 5% four years ago—Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. Saturday's Nevada caucus is expected to offer important insight into how Hispanics will vote in November,... More »

Dems Spar Over Suit to Block Vegas Voters

Clinton-friendly union objects to caucuses for Obama supporters

(Newser) - Barack Obama is among those who aren't happy about the Nevada lawsuit challenging at-large caucuses set up to enable Las Vegas Strip shift workers to vote Saturday. Obama pointed the finger at Hillary Clinton's campaign for challenging the rules only after the Culinary Workers Union endorsed him. "The rules... More »

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