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GOP Struggles (and Twitters) to Close Tech Gap

Candidates competing for chairman brag of networking chops

(Newser) - With the Republican National Committee voting for a new chairman today, the candidates have been busy competing not on ideological grounds but on who has more Facebook friends, and who's more adept at Twittering, the Wall Street Journal reports. In rebuilding the party, one strategist declared the top priority to... More »

At RNC, Change Means Bashing Bush

Former loyalists lash out at ex-president in race for new chairman

(Newser) - In deciding on a new chairman, Republican National Committee members are wrestling with ambivalence about George W. Bush, the Washington Post reports. Incumbent Mike Duncan, appointed by the former president, faces something of a backlash. Duncan “never criticized Bush when the president was wrong,” says one member. “... More »

RNC Candidates Must Measure Up to Dems' Kaine

Candidates look lightweight compared to Va. guv, DNC chair

(Newser) - Since Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine took over the Democratic National Committee last week, Republicans—in the midst of choosing Kaine’s RNC counterpart—are concerned that their contenders aren’t quite in Kaine’s weight class, reports Politico. Imagining the inevitable on-air debates, one Republican stresses the importance of choosing... More »

At a Crossroads, Split RNC Has Diverse Choices

Two of 6 candidates are black; may offer needed image change

(Newser) - Having lost the presidency to a Democratic party making new demographic inroads, the GOP faces a revealing choice about whether to elect a black party chairman, reports the New York Times. As Republicans try to rebuild in the wake of the election, two black candidates, in a pool of six,... More »

Want to Lead the GOP? Name- Drop Reagan

Would-be RNC chairs bash forlorn party, wax poetic about the '80s

(Newser) - Asked to name their favorite Republican president, the six men vying to chair the RNC delivered a unanimous verdict: Lincoln, Schmincoln—bring back the Gipper of yore, said they. At a debate yesterday, the would-be chairmen labored mightily to top each others’ love of Reagan, Dana Milbank writes in the... More »

'Magic Negro' Flap May Help GOP Pol

RNC members rally against outrage over tasteless satire

(Newser) - When a conservative politician is called racist, expect a backlash. The fracas over Chip Saltsman’s distribution of the song “Barack the Magic Negro” in his campaign to be Republican National Committee chairman has, as per usual, caused compatriots to flock to his defense, Politico reports, and may actually... More »

RNC Chief 'Appalled' by Rival's Use of 'Magic Negro'

Duncan slams rival for distributing song

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee’s chairman has scolded a potential successor for distributing a song entitled “Barack the Magic Negro,” Politico reports. “I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate," said Mike Duncan, who is vying for re-election to his post. He... More »

RNC Hopeful Sends Out 'Barack the Magic Negro'

Saltsman puts Obama song on holiday CD

(Newser) - A candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee has included a song called “Barack the Magic Negro” in a Christmas mailing, the Hill reports. Chip Saltsman said, “RNC members have the good humor and good sense to recognize” that the song, written by Paul Shanklin and sung... More »

National Effort Straining Huck

Early success leaves campaign stretched thin for countrywide push

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee's campaign is still in post-Iowa shock, trying to figure how it can run nationally with a miniature war chest and paltry organization. The GOP candidate has no offices in any of the 21 states that vote Feb. 5—save in hometown Little Rock—and his third-place finish in... More »

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