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Gift Card Scam Warning Issued

Fraudsters are recording activation codes, Schumer warns

(Newser) - People buying gift cards for friends and family this Christmas should make sure that the concealing measures haven't been removed, Chuck Schumer warns. The senator from New York says fraudsters have been visiting stores where the cards are on the shelves and recording access codes in order to drain... More »

Sales Rise Even Though Shoppers Spend Less

$41.2B weekend total beats 2008 haul by $1.2B

(Newser) - Thanksgiving weekend retail sales totaled $41.2 billion, a .5% jump over last year's $41 billion, but the average shopper spent 8% less than in 2008, $343.31 against $372.57. Discounts, especially on electronics and toys, were the overwhelming attraction as cautious consumers pried open their wallets, Bloomberg reports.... More »

Holiday Sales Surge on Deep Discounts

But retailers worry huge bargains may cut deeply into their profits

(Newser) - Desperate retailers received a jolt of good news this weekend as shoppers poured into stores and spent 7% more—an average $372.57 each—than they did a year ago, reports the New York Times. But Black Friday glee may be replaced with gloom as retailers tote up the slim... More »

Worried Retailers Call All-Out, and Earlier, Holiday Blitz

Analysts see sales beginning before Thanksgiving in sour economy

(Newser) - Holiday displays already are popping up—and they’re likely to increase in number and urgency as retailers try to spruce up what’s likely to be the worst Christmas shopping season in years, reports Advertising Age. With 5 fewer days than last year because of a late Thanksgiving, retailers... More »

Wal-Mart Leads Feb. Retail Rally

Overall sales jump doubles expectations, calms consumer spending fears

(Newser) - Big retailers showed unexpected signs of life in February, beating weak sales predictions to inject some hope into the market. Wal-Mart led the way, posting a 2.6% same-store increase, beating its own predictions of flat-to-2% growth. Overall, same-store sales climbed 1.9%, with more than half of retailers beating... More »

Retailers Bully Shoplifters for $$

'Civil recovery' systems using threat of legal action to extort funds

(Newser) - A system designed to compensate retailers for losses incurred by shoplifters has few controls to prevent the extortion or harassment, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Civil recovery” laws allow retailers to turn the names of suspected shoplifters over to collection agencies who demand fees of $200 or much more—... More »

Shopping's Future Is High-Tech

Retailers urged to adopt new technologies

(Newser) - Retailers need to go higher tech, adapting to cell phone use and virtual world shopping, said speakers at the National Retail Federation's annual conference this week, Reuters reports. One speaker noted that high-tech shopping is already reality in Asia, where Koreans buy McDonald’s by phone (it rings when their... More »

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