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Norovirus Hits California RNC Delegation

At least a dozen staffers are stuck in hotel 60 miles away

(Newser) - Republican National Convention organizers are worried about a guest even less welcome than the Clinton family would be: norovirus. The highly contagious virus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea and is known for turning cruises into hellish experiences, has struck down at least a dozen members of the California delegation, the... More »

'Never Trump' Movement Possibly Dealt Final Blow

Unbinding proposal rejected by Rules Committee

(Newser) - A major and perhaps final blow to the "Never Trump" movement: The Republican National Convention's 112-member Rules Committee rejected an "unbinding" proposal Thursday that would've allowed delegates bound to Donald Trump to use a "conscience clause" to dump Trump and choose another as the nominee.... More »

Judge Rules in Favor of 'Never Trump' Delegate

Virginia can't force him to vote against his conscience

(Newser) - A GOP delegate from Virginia who says his conscience won't let him vote for Donald Trump scored a big victory in federal court Monday. The judge ruled that Virginia can't force Carroll Correll Jr. to vote for Trump because a state law requiring Republican National Committee delegates to... More »

AP: Trump Hits Magic Number of Delegates

Puts him at 1238, based on interviews with unbound delegates

(Newser) - The AP is declaring this to be a milestone day for Donald Trump: The news service says he has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination. The declaration comes after interviews with some of the party's unbound delegates, who told the AP they would support... More »

Rubio to States' GOPs: I Still Want All My Delegates

Ex-POTUS contender trying to hold onto his wins to keep Trump from getting nomination

(Newser) - Donald Trump told Anderson Cooper on Tuesday he may not support the GOP nominee if it's not him. Former rival Marco Rubio, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to make sure Trump will eventually have to make that choice, trying to hold onto the 172 delegates he won to... More »

Here's Where 2016's Delegate Counts Stand

Trump, Clinton both creep closer to securing their party's nomination

(Newser) - Tuesday was another big day in the Election 2016 slog, with both the remaining Republican and Democratic candidates amassing more of the coveted delegates they need to secure a nomination for their respective parties. On the GOP side, Donald Trump won 59% of the delegates that were up for grabs... More »

502-70: Clinton Leads Where It Really Matters

Super Tuesday could spell the beginning of the end for Bernie Sanders

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders assured voters on Sunday that he'd pull off an upset to become the Democratic nominee. The delegate count in the Democratic primary, however, shows that's not very likely. A total of 2,383 delegates are needed to win the nomination, and Clinton now has 502 compared... More »

GOP Makes It Harder for Future Ron Pauls

Rule change will clamp down on insurgent candidates

(Newser) - For his efforts on the campaign trail this year, Ron Paul will get ... a video tribute at the Republican convention on Tuesday night. He'll also get to listen to son Rand speak on Monday night, but Ron himself has been shut out of any speech-making. Paul's followers aren'... More »

Gingrich Finally Tells His Delegates: Back Romney

Releases delegates in letter published on his website

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich exited the race for the GOP nomination on May 2, but it took him another three and a half months to let go of his 142 delegates. The former GOP candidate released his delegates last night via a letter posted to his website, reports the AP . And though... More »

Ron Paul Ends Campaign (Sort Of)

Paul done looking for votes, but will keep grabbing delegates

(Newser) - Ron Paul's campaign is over—at least if you define campaign as an attempt to get people to vote for you. Paul's camp announced today that it would "no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. Doing so without any hope... More »

Ron Paul Playing GOP Puppetmaster —But Why?

GOP gadfly is gaming the delegate game, but no one's sure what he wants

(Newser) - Ron Paul's campaign has been expertly gaming the GOP primary system, taking advantage of just how boring its behind-the-scenes machinations are to collect more delegates than his vote totals would indicate. Paul's fans have been flooding the otherwise sleepy meetings where state delegates are chosen and electing themselves,... More »

Will This Be as Good as It Gets for Santorum?

His political future may not be so bright: Nate Silver

(Newser) - A standard line of thinking about Rick Santorum: He was smart to drop out now and save face, so he can come back stronger than ever a few years down the road. Nate Silver takes a closer look at his prospects and raises some serious doubts. For example, if Mitt... More »

What to Watch in Illinois Primary

Mitt Romney poised for the win as voters hit the polls

(Newser) - Illinois votes for its GOP candidate of choice today, with 69 delegates at stake—the second-most of any state so far. Here's what the experts at Politico and the Daily Beast have their eye on:
  • Can Mitt Romney crack 50%? Polls have Romney heavily favored in the state, and
... More »

Romney Wins Hawaii, American Samoa

Pacific wins soften blow from the South

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has a double victory in the Pacific to soften the blow of Rick Santorum's dual wins in Alabama and Mississippi . He surfed to an easy win in Hawaii's Republican caucuses, taking 45% of the vote to Rick Santorum's 25%, and Ron Paul's 18%. Newt... More »

Gingrich Exit Wouldn't Save Santorum

Nate Silver does the math, and concludes that Santorum's in trouble

(Newser) - The math is not looking good for Rick Santorum, and his supporters are pressing Newt Gingrich to drop out of the race so as to change that. So Nate Silver of the New York Times decided to do the math and see just how much that would help Santorum's... More »

Rick Cries Foul as Mitt Gets Extra Michigan Delegate

We explained the rules wrong, state GOP says

(Newser) - Michigan's GOP has outraged Rick Santorum's campaign by flip-flopping on how delegates are awarded. Before this week's primary, officials repeatedly said two delegates would be awarded for each congressional district, with two at-large delegates to be split between candidates who received more than 15% of the vote.... More »

Denver: Not the Life of the Party

Dems may be nervous about election or about drinking at altitude

(Newser) - Democrats are having an unusual problem at this year’s convention: They’re not having much fun, the New York Times reports. “Normally at conventions, you’d have people regaling you with what happened the night before,” said one exec who’s been party-hopping. “This time, not... More »

Clinton Will Get Denver Roll Call

Move intended to molify supporters

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s delegates will be counted in Denver, the Atlantic Monthly’s Marc Ambinder reports, as her supporters near an agreement with Barack Obama’s. Reports of tensions over the issue are exaggerated, advisers on both sides tell Ambinder. Both sides agree that overlooking Clinton could anger her supporters,... More »

5 Things to Watch in Puerto Rico

Island doesn't vote in primaries, but today its Democratic delegates are up for grabs

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is banking on a sizable victory today in Puerto Rico to bolster her argument that she’s received more votes than Barack Obama and is a stronger draw for Latinos. Key points to keep an eye on:
  1. The second wave: While many Puerto Ricans sleep in, it's going
... More »

Dems Seat Fla., Mich. Delegates as Half-Votes

Raucous hearing leaves Obama 66 delegates from victory

(Newser) - Democratic officials voted today to seat Florida and Michigan primary delegates as half-votes, the AP reports. At a boisterous hearing, delayed by nearly 3 hours of private talks, the party seated Florida delegates based on the state's primary vote, with 105 for Clinton and 67 for Obama. The Michigan deal... More »

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