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People Are Really Upset Over Shoppers in Pajamas

'It's bloody disgusting,' says one complainant

(Newser) - A rep for British retailer Tesco tells the BBC that wearing pajamas in its stores is "not a big issue," but that's not at all the impression you would've gotten from perusing the company's Facebook page recently. In a since-deleted post (screenshot here ), a... More »

Brits, Irish Flip After Horse Meat Found in Burgers

DNA tests reveal supermarket 'beef' burgers up to 29% horse

(Newser) - Queasy consumers in Britain and Ireland are chucking out frozen hamburgers after learning that they could contain horse meat. Food safety experts conducting DNA tests found that around a third of burgers from major supermarket chains contained horse DNA, the Telegraph reports. The levels of horse DNA were fairly low... More »

UK Chain Yanks 'Anti-Redhead' Xmas Card

Mom complains about card poking fun at 'gingers'

(Newser) - British supermarket giant Tesco has yanked a card from its shelves that poked fun at redheads after complaints from the outraged, red-haired mother of three redheaded daughters. The company said the card—which pictured a red-headed toddler with Santa and the words "Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones"... More »

Supermarkets Downsize to Speed Up Shopping

'Express' outlets cut back on miles of aisles for rushed shoppers

(Newser) - American supermarkets are starting to shrink after decades of getting bigger and bigger, the New York Times reports. The average supermarket is still larger than a football field, but retailers have begun opening smaller outlets to appeal to rushed consumers who want to pick up groceries without having to wander... More »

UK Retailer Blasted for Kids' Push-Up Bra

Chain places Item next to undershirts for 7- and 8-year-olds

(Newser) - A British supermarket chain is coming under heavy criticism for selling a padded bra in its children's clothing section, the Daily Mail reports. The plunge bra is displayed next to undershirts and other items intended for 7- to 8-year-olds. "I was shocked when I saw it," said one... More »

Sony Goes Viral With 'Thriller'

New YouTube videos promote song's 25th anniversary

(Newser) - When Sony BMG wanted to work up some excitement for the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a conventional campaign using the reclusive artist didn't look like a winner. So the label went the guerrilla route, staging “impromptu breakouts” of the "Thriller" zombie dance at... More »

UK Veal Now Cool, Not Cruel

New farming standards make calf meat a newly ethical food

(Newser) - Veal is the new guilt-free meat in Britain, and everyone from top chefs to farmers and animal activists is pushing consumers to eat up. Anti-cruelty groups largely eliminated veal from the UK diet in the '90s, and as a result, dairy farmers slaughter half a million male calves and export... More »

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