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With Sheriff's Memo, a Blow to the Proud Boys

Document reveals FBI designation of group as 'extremist'

(Newser) - The FBI considered the far-right "chauvinist" Proud Boys to be an extremist group even before members were accused in an alleged assault in New York City last month. That's according to a document from the Clark County Sheriff's Office in Vancouver, Wash., shared by nonprofit Property of... More »

Google's Big Headache Involves Its Ads, Nazis, ISIS

There's a boycott underway in the UK

(Newser) - Major British advertisers wary of being associated with Nazis, Islamic radicals, and homophobic preachers have been pulling their ads from YouTube and Google. The British government joined big banks and other companies in the ad boycott in recent days after their ads appeared next to extremist content, Mashable reports. The... More »

Israel Indicts Jewish Extremists in Toddler's Death

July firebombing killed 18-month-old, parents

(Newser) - Israel on Sunday indicted two Jewish extremists in a July arson attack on a Palestinian home that killed a toddler and his parents—a case that has been unsolved for months and helped fuel the current wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence. The long-awaited indictment follows months of investigations into a web... More »

Israel Arrests 6 'Extremists' in Boy's Murder

Sources: 'Nationalistic' motives behind death of 16-year-old

(Newser) - Israel has arrested six suspects in last week's murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, reports Haaretz . Sources are indicating those arrested are Jewish "extremists," reports the AP , and are citing "nationalistic" motives behind Mohammed's death. There are no further details on the identities of those... More »

Germany Opens Neo-Nazi Trial

Beate Zschaepe accused in 10 murders, mostly of immigrants

(Newser) - Beate Zschaepe, the last surviving member of a Neo-Nazi trio accused of 10 murders between 2000 and 2007, goes on trial today in Munich, in a case that is riveting Germany. Zschaepe is charged in the killings of eight Turkish immigrants , a Greek immigrant, and a German police officer, but... More »

FBI: Violence Over Video Could Spread to US

It warns religious groups to be on guard

(Newser) - The FBI warned today that anger over the anti-Islamic video setting off protests overseas could spread to the US, reports ABC News . The bulletin, issued with Homeland Security, says extremist groups in the US may use the opportunity to "exploit anger over the film to advance their recruitment efforts.... More »

Breivik's Fate: 3-Room Cell or Personal Psych Ward

Norway killer learns his fate Friday

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik is expected to learn his sentence Friday for the rampage in Norway that killed 77. His guilt isn't in question, so he won't be going free. But as the AP notes, he won't exactly be getting harsh treatment no matter the outcome. If he... More »

Ultra-Orthodox Don Holocaust Garb for Protest

Groups calls opposition over push for sex segregation a 'spiritual Holocaust'

(Newser) - Israelis are fuming after an ultra-Orthodox group dressed in concentration camp garb to protest their treatment by the public for promoting segregation of the sexes. Thousands of the extremists gathered in Jerusalem with their children dressed in the striped black-and-white uniforms of Jews imprisoned in World War II. They were... More »

Cops Thwart Firebomb Attack on Berlin Station

Leftists demand end to Afghan war, call for Bradley Manning release

(Newser) - Police thwarted a firebomb attack on Berlin's central train station yesterday after a worker discovered several incendiary devices hooked up to detonators. The planned attack was claimed by a leftist group protesting Germany's involvement in the Afghan war and demanding the release of suspected WikiLeaks source US Private... More »

Clinton: 'We Have Extremists in My Country'

Hillary makes reference to Jared Lee Loughner on UAE talk show

(Newser) - No euphemisms for Hillary Clinton. While speaking on a United Arab Emirates talk show today, the secretary of state compared the Tucson shooter to a ideologically driven terrorist, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Look, we have extremists in my country,” she said. “A wonderful, incredibly brave young... More »

Bin Laden in House, Not Cave: Official

Al-Qaeda bosses living comfortably in Pakistan, says NATO insider

(Newser) - “Nobody in al-Qaeda is living in a cave”—instead, Osama bin Laden and other top figures are likely to be living rather comfortably in houses in Pakistan, under the protection of locals and some Pakistani intelligence, a NATO official tells CNN . Bin Laden has likely been roaming from... More »

Why the 'War on Islam' Is All Wrong

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan makes his case after O'Reilly comment

(Newser) - After Bill O’Reilly sparked a furor on the View with his comment that “Muslims killed us on 9/11,” MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan made an impassioned distinction today between Muslims and a Saudi-funded sect that has gone under the public radar, Mediaite reports. “There’s a small group... More »

Creepy Letters to 30 Governors Spook FBI

Pols told to leave office in 3 days or they will be removed

(Newser) - The FBI has warned police around the country that there may be violence in the coming days inspired by ominous letters sent by an extremist group. Thirty sitting governors have received letters telling them that if they don’t leave office within 3 days they will be removed, according to... More »

GOP's Lunatic Streak Is Bad for America

The US needs 'two rational parties'

(Newser) - Watching right-wingers react to health care reform can be entertaining for a while, writes Paul Krugman, but it's ultimately depressing. It's just not fun seeing "extremists take full control of one our two great political parties." This isn't just fringe activists, either, as evidenced by John Boehner's declaration... More »

ADL: Beck Is Top Hate Monger

He's offering 'platform to extremists,' report charges

(Newser) - Right-wing Fox mouth Glenn Beck is the most toxic media hate monger operating in the US today, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League. "Beck has made a habit of demonizing President Obama and promoting conspiracy theories about his administration," the r eport states. He "has... More »

Two Killers Eluded FBI Hunt for 'Lone Wolves'

(Newser) - The shootings of George Tiller and a National Holocaust Museum guard came despite a renewed FBI effort to preempt solo acts of political violence, the Wall Street Journal reports. Identifying such extremists—while respecting their civil rights—is a challenge. Both James von Brunn and Scott Roeder expressed their views... More »

Pentagon: 1 in 7 Gitmo Prisoners Rejoin Fight

(Newser) - A Pentagon report concludes that 74 of 534 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay returned to militant activity—a recidivism rate of 14%, or about 1 in 7, the New York Times notes. The report, still under review, could complicate President Obama’s goal of shutting the facility by January because... More »

London Teen: How I Was Recruited for Jihad

Group meeting in mosque invited boy to outside gatherings

(Newser) - The Islamists approached him in the mosque, and before he knew it a 15-year-old Londoner was watching jihadist videos and being encouraged to train in Pakistan, the boy tells the Times of London in the “first inside account” of the recruitment process. “A lot of people think that... More »

Barred Savage Calls for British Boycott

Savage, Phelps lash out at UK's hate speech penalty

(Newser) - Right-wing radio mouth Michael Savage has branded British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith a "witch" and urged his listeners yesterday to boycott the country's products and cancel trips to Britain, the Daily Telegraph reports. "I suggest you stop buying English made goods," fumed Savage, who has been barred... More »

Savage May Sue Britain for Banning Him

Radio host fumes over making extremist list

(Newser) - Radio yakker Michael Savage isn't amused that he's ended up on a list of people banned from Britain for spreading hate. The conservative talk show host told the San Francisco Chronicle he's considering legal action. "Today it's me. Tomorrow it's someone else," he said. "The land of... More »

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