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Egypt Yanks Ambassador to Israel

Situation deteriorating rapidly after

(Newser) - Egypt today recalled its ambassador from Israel to protest the deaths of at least three Egyptian troops killed in a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants who had launched a deadly attack on Israel from Egyptian soil. The decision sharply escalated tensions between the neighboring countries, whose landmark 1979... More »

Relief Flows as Egypt Opens Gaza Border

Four-year-old blockade ends

(Newser) - After a four-year blockade, Egypt today permanently opened the Gaza Strip's main gateway to the outside world, bringing long-awaited relief to the territory's Palestinian population and a significant achievement for the area's ruling Hamas militant group. The reopening of the Rafah border crossing eases an Egyptian blockade... More »

Egypt Bolsters Relations With Iran, Hamas

Government will end Gaza blockade

(Newser) - As Egypt regroups after Hosni Mubarak’s exit, it is realigning its diplomatic ties: Officials plan to end the Gaza border blockade and forge closer ties with Iran and Hamas. As elections approach, officials say they’re working toward policies that better fit public opinion; meanwhile, they hope to regain... More »

Color Purple Author Goes to Gaza

(Newser) - Pulitzer-prize winning author Alice Walker, who wrote The Color Purple, is traveling to Gaza along with other female activists to highlight the devastation of the Israeli offensive on Gaza's residents. "I love people, and I love children and I feel that the Palestinian child is just as precious as... More »

Israel Pounds Gaza Targets

Attacks follow militant fire in heaviest exchange since truce

(Newser) - Israeli aircraft pounded Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip late last night after militants there unleashed 10 rounds of rocket and mortar fire on Israel. It's the region's heaviest exchange since a ceasefire began two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times reports. Six explosions rocked Rafah, a border town near... More »

Israel Bombs Gaza Tunnels

Escalating violence threatens ceasefire as US envoy heads to region

(Newser) - Israel bombed smuggling tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border today in response to yesterday's killing of an Israeli soldier, CNN reports. The escalating violence is threatening the fragile ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians. The strikes occurred just as George Mitchell, President Obama's envoy to the Middle East, was scheduled to... More »

Livni Heads to Washington to Cut Gaza Deal

Critical step toward truce would block Hamas arms smuggling

(Newser) - Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is on her way to the US to sign a deal central to a Gaza ceasefire as diplomatic efforts intensify to stop the fighting, reports the Jerusalem Post. The agreement, designed to stop Hamas from rearming, would step up intelligence agency cooperation to stop weapons... More »

Egypt, Jordan Fear Fallout From Gaza War

Facing citizens' anger, governments may be held responsible

(Newser) - As Israel's Gaza offensive wears on, officials in bordering Egypt and Jordan worry that the carnage is imperiling the possibility of a two-state Israel-Palestine solution. Egypt and to a lesser extent, Jordan, fear that responsibility for the humanitarian crisis there will fall to them, and that they may be forced... More »

Gaza Tunnels Focal Point of War

(Newser) - The massive tunnels supplying food, medicine, and rockets from Egypt into Gaza are the bane of Israel's military, and a lifeline for Palestinians and the economy of Egypt’s destitute Sinai, the Los Angeles Times reports. Smuggling has been immune to military action, to the consternation of Israeli leaders. If... More »

Egypt on Gaza: Open Sympathy, Closed Border

Despite support for Palestinians, Egyptians don't want refugees

(Newser) - As Israel's military operation in Gaza continues, thousands of Palestinians have fled their homes and assembled at the Strip's southern border with Egypt. But except for a few severely wounded individuals, Egypt is not letting anyone through. It's not the first time, writes the Los Angeles Times, that national interest... More »

Israel Bombs Gaza Supply Tunnels

Egypt begins stopping Palestinians from entering

(Newser) - As Gaza air strikes raged on for a second day, Israel said it bombed more than 40 Palestinian supply tunnels used to transport weapons, BBC reports. Palestine said one tunnel intended to carry fuel from Egypt to Gaza had been destroyed. Fleeing the southern strip into Egypt, hundreds of Palestinians... More »

Egypt Cries 'Murder' Over Gaza Attacks

(Newser) - Egypt called Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip "murder" today as world leaders appealed for peace in the region, the AFP and Jerusalem Post report. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said he was "deeply alarmed" by the violence, and, like Russia and the European Union, called for a... More »

Hamas Truce 'Not Serious': Israel

But militants stopping rocket fire could bring de facto ceasefire in Gaza, official says

(Newser) - Israel said a Hamas truce proposal yesterday was not genuine, and the Islamist organization would only regroup and strengthen itself during the 6-month ceasefire, AFP reports. "Unfortunately, this appears not to be serious at all," an Israeli spokesman said today, although officials said a prolonged halt in the... More »

Egypt Works for Gaza Ceasefire

Progress toward ceasefire after behind-the-scenes talks

(Newser) - Egypt is quietly working to broker a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, with its intelligence chief meeting with both Hamas and Israeli officials, allowing the two sides to formally deny that they are talking to each other, the Guardian reports. Israel is calling for a trial 30 days of calm... More »

Gunfire Kills 1, Wounds Dozens in Gaza Clash

Palestinians and Egyptians exchange fire at border crossing

(Newser) - Gunfire broke out between Egyptians and Palestinians today that left one dead and 59 wounded at the Rafah border crossing, Reuters reports. The skirmish erupted after Egyptian security stopped Gazans from returning home through the recently breached border. Palestinians threw stones and Egyptians tossed smoke grenades before the shooting started.... More »

Egypt Seals Gaza Border Breach

Ends 11 day supply grab under Israel's blockade

(Newser) - After 11 days, Egypt has sealed the gap in its border with the Gaza Strip, ending the stream of Palestinians in search of food and supplies, Reuters reports. Hundreds of Egyptian security officers used barbed wire and metal barriers to seal the last gaps in the wall. Hamas militants told... More »

Israeli Court to Rule on Gaza Blockade

Egypt border remains open, but humanitarian concerns grow

(Newser) - Israel's highest court will conduct an emergency hearing Sunday on suits filed by Palestinian organizations over the blockade that has cut Israeli shipments of fuel and gas to Hamas-controlled Gaza. The border to Egypt remains open, reports Haaretz, after militants in the Gaza Strip blasted open the fence and thousands... More »

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