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Canseco to Baseball: Where's My Apology?

(Newser) - Now that some of baseball's biggest names are coming clean on steroids, Jose Canseco is wondering when the league will apologize for vilifying him, the AP reports. The former slugger wrote two books that dealt with juiced players, but he got only grief for his efforts. "It's time for... More »

Canseco Now Thinks Clemens Was Clean

Slugger retreats from allegations that Rocket juiced his fuel

(Newser) - Former Bash Brother Jose Canseco has backed down from charges that Roger Clemens used more than workouts to pump his pitching arm. Contradicting what's written in his own books, "Juiced" and the upcoming "Vindicated," Canseco said in a TV interview that he now doesn't believe the Rocket... More »

Canseco Links A-Rod to 'Roids in New Book

Claims he introduced Rodriguez to known steroid dealer

(Newser) - Jose Canseco, baseball’s most outspoken steroid user, suggests that reigning AL MVP Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs in his new book Vindicated, reports the New York Post. This according to a Massachusetts-based writer, who found a copy yesterday in a local store, although it's not due for release until... More »

Jose Canseco: Tell-All Author, Extortionist?

Sources inside MLB claim foul play over offer to keep Tigers' Ordonez name out of new book, for a fee

(Newser) - Jose Canseco offered Tigers' outfielder Magglio Ordonez an offer he could refuse, say sources within baseball: invest millions in a film project, and be kept clear of allegations of steroid use in Canseco's follow up to tell-all biography, Juiced. MLB referred the case to the FBI, but Ordonez declined to... More »

4 Stories