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Mosul Residents Got Exactly the Wrong Advice

They were told to stay in their home before airstrikes came: Amnesty International

(Newser) - An airstrike in Mosul 10 days ago reportedly killed dozens of civilians , and now an Amnesty International investigation says the US-led coalition wasn't careful enough in protecting locals as it fought ISIS in the Iraq city, the Guardian reports. The human rights group says up to 150 civilians were... More »

'Always Remember Us': Aleppo Residents Post Final Goodbyes

Reports of more than 80 civilians shot on sight, 'complete meltdown of humanity'

(Newser) - If conditions could get incrementally worse than "barely survivable," they just did in Aleppo, Syria. The human rights arm of the United Nations says that forces supporting the Syrian regime have been entering homes in eastern Aleppo and murdering residents, with one report coming in that 82 civilians... More »

AR-15 Inventor's Family: He'd Be 'Sickened' by Mass Shootings

Eugene Stoner's kids, grandkids say he designed the rifle for military use only, not civilians

(Newser) - When Eugene Stoner designed "America's gun" (aka the AR-15) in the late 1950s, which was adopted for use by the Army as the M16, his goal was to create the "most efficient and superior" rifles for military use and give them a leg up over the Soviets'... More »

Pro-Russia Civilians Confront Ukrainian Troops

NATO pledges heightened preparation

(Newser) - Ukraine continues its descent into chaos and confusion: With tanks and troops entering the Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk , the BBC reports that Ukrainian forces have run right into resistance from pro-Russia civilians. An officer noted that he would never attack his "own people"; another soldier said locals have been... More »

US Commander: Sorry We Killed 2 Afghan Boys

Gen. Joseph Dunford: Coalition takes full responsibility

(Newser) - The US-led coalition says its forces accidentally killed two Afghan boys during an operation in southern Afghanistan. Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the commander of US and allied forces in Afghanistan, offered his "personal apology and condolences to the family of the boys who were killed" and said the coalition... More »

Syrian Cluster Bombs Target Civilians

Explosives can cover hundreds of yards

(Newser) - As war rages on in Syria, Bashar al-Assad's government hasn't hesitated to direct its attacks at civilians. Just last week, a military plane used cluster bombs—explosives capable of blanketing hundreds of yards—against the small town of Marea, the New York Times reports. Four were killed and... More »

Afghans: NATO Strike Hit Wedding, Killed 18 Civilians

Including 7 children, 5 women

(Newser) - A NATO airstrike hit a wedding in Afghanistan's volatile Baraki Barak district and killed 18 civilians, Afghan officials and villagers said today, and they offered bodies as proof of their story. An AP photographer saw villagers pile the corpses of seven children, five women, and six men into vans.... More »

Arab League, UN Struggle to Respond to 'War on Syrians'

Even worse is yet to come, fears Ban Ki-Moon

(Newser) - As Syrian forces continue to bombard civilians in Homs , a desperate Arab League is considering reviving a monitoring mission with the help of the United Nations in a bid to stem the violence. UN chief Ban Ki-Moon said the "disastrous" failure to agree on a UN resolution on Syria... More »

Snipers Targeting Kids in Misrata: UNICEF

Civilians being killed in besieged Libyan city

(Newser) - Snipers are gunning down children and other civilians in the Libyan city of Misrata, which is held by rebels but under siege from Moammar Gadhafi’s forces, UNICEF said today. “What we have are reliable and consistent reports of children being among the people targeted,” a spokesman for... More »

US Soldiers in Afghanistan Took Home 'Finger Trophies'

'Kill team' murdered Afghan civilians for sport, say investigators

(Newser) - A secret "kill team" of US soldiers in Afghanistan murdered civilians for sport and kept their fingers as trophies, according to Army investigators. Prosecutors have charged members of an American infantry brigade with some of the most serious war crimes to surface in the Afghanistan war. Five of the... More »

America to Double Civilian Force in Iraq

Security contractors to swell to 7K

(Newser) - The US military may be rolling out of Iraq , but American civilians are not. To protect its outposts, the State Department plans to double the number of private security guards on the ground, finds the New York Times . As many as 7,000 guards will search for roadside bombs, fly... More »

NATO Admits Killing 10 Afghan Kids in Botched Raid

Anger over civilian deaths grows

(Newser) - When a NATO raid killed 10 children and teenagers at a remote mountain compound in Afghanistan last December, troops claimed to be targeting a “known insurgent group responsible for a series of violent attacks.” But after a lengthy investigation by the Times of London, NATO now admits that... More »

Iraq Will Sue Blackwater Guards

Dismissal of manslaughter charges leaves Baghdad irate

(Newser) - Outraged by an American judge's dismissal of manslaughter charges against five security contractors accused of massacring 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007, Iraq plans to sue the former Blackwater Worldwide security guards. "We were expecting that American justice system is fair and independent," an Iraqi lawyer tells CNN . "... More »

Afghan Suicide Blast Kills 8 Americans

Victims at base may have been military contractors

(Newser) - A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest at a military base in eastern Afghanistan today, killing eight Americans. The explosion occurred at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province near the Pakistan border. In Kabul, a spokesman for the international coalition force in Kabul said no US or NATO troops... More »

US Commander in Iraq Threatens Court-Martial for Pregnancy

Order applies to both women and men

(Newser) - The general in command of American forces in northern Iraq has instituted an order making court-martial a possible punishment for becoming pregnant—or for impregnating a service member or civilian employee. The policy, which covers both single and married personnel, has not been enforced; it applies only to situations in... More »

Parents' Deployments Hit Kids Extra Hard

Broad study finds children of all ages more likely to struggle

(Newser) - Kids whose parents are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan struggle with their emotions and responsibilities far more than children of civilians, a large new study reveals. Children of service members were twice as likely to report anxiety, emotional problems, and other symptoms of stress than their civilian counterparts. "Kids... More »

Dozens of Afghan Civilians Killed In NATO Tanker Strike

Blast hit Taliban-hijacked fuel tankers, triggering explosion

(Newser) - At least 90 people were killed in northern Afghanistan today when a NATO air strike hit two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban, setting off a massive explosion. At least 40 of the dead were civilians, said officials. Many more people are injured, and the local hospital in Kunduz province... More »

Army Probes Charges That Worker Spied on Protesters

Members say employee used alias to get names, email addresses

(Newser) - Officials are investigating charges by two anti-war groups that a civilian employee for the Army spent more than 2 years infiltrating their organizations under an assumed name, reports the New York Times. The groups, active near one of the nation’s largest military bases close to Tacoma, Wash., say criminal... More »

Obama: World 'Appalled' by Iran Violence

(Newser) - President Obama today declared the United States and the entire world are "appalled and outraged" by Iran's violent efforts to crush dissent, a clear toughening of his rhetoric as Republican critics at home pound him for being too passive. Obama condemned the "threats, beatings, and imprisonments of the... More »

Sri Lankan Shelling Killed 20,000 Civilians

Photos, UN documents reveal hidden massacre at civil war's end

(Newser) - The final battles of the 26-year civil war in Sri Lanka killed more than 20,000 Tamil civilians, most from government shelling, an investigation by the Times of London concludes. The number of casualties is three times higher than the government admitted. Aerial photographs, eyewitness testimony, and confidential UN documents... More »

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