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Russia-Made Kids Bed Modeled on Launcher That Shot MH17

Furniture-maker doesn't see a problem

(Newser) - A Dutch probe into what and who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine in July 2014 is now pointing the finger at a surface-to-air missile brought into play by Russia. Which is why, perhaps, some people are outraged that a Russian furniture company has opted to design a... More »

Behold: a Self-Making Bed

But it looks like you have to be a relatively neat sleeper

(Newser) - A Spanish furniture company has what it says is the world's first self-making bed. Hit a button, and rollers pull up the cover while cords raise and straighten the pillows, explains the DVice blog . It's done in under a minute. Alas, it's not clear how OHEA's... More »

Bunk Bed Injury Figures Rolled Out

Tumbling boys, young men most likely to land in ER, stats show

(Newser) - Bunk bed-related injuries have sent more than half a million young people to the hospital since 1990, WebMD reports. Ohio State University researchers found that boys and young men accounted for 61% of the ER visits. Cuts, bruises, and fractures were the most common injuries, with almost three-quarters of the... More »

Shops Pull 'Lolita' Beds for Girls

Furious parents blast marketing gimmick

(Newser) - A British retail chain has pulled a line of "Lolita" beds marketed to little girls following protests by parents. The Woolworths website staff "had never heard of Lolita, and to be honest no one else here had either," a spokesman said of the iconic nymphet. "We... More »

4 Stories