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Corzine-MF Global Debacle Reeks of Cronyism

Peter Schweizer thinks Eric Holder needs to recuse himself

(Newser) - If there's one issue that seems to unite people of all political persuasions, it's "the Justice Department's unwillingness or inability to charge, prosecute, and seek conviction of a single Wall Street executive in the wake of the largest financial collapse in US history," writes Peter... More »

Too Late: America Is Already Socialist

Arthur Brooks tells his fellow conservatives that this isn't a right-wing country

(Newser) - People often ask Arthur Brooks if America is in danger of becoming a European-style social democracy. "My answer is: 'No, because we already are a European-style social democracy,'" the president of the American Enterprise Institute writes in the Wall Street Journal . "The political right can... More »

Detroit Bust Would've Been Better Than Bailout

Ex-Prez Bush says bailout his idea, and a good one

(Newser) - Three years ago, Mitt Romney wrote that President Obama should " Let Detroit Go Bankrupt ," instead of bailing out the struggling auto industry, in a famous New York Times column. And today? Even with the American auto industry on the rebound, Michigan's GOP primary looming on Feb. 28,... More »

Bankers Giving Banking a Bad Name

Nicholas Kristof hopes young idealists can save American capitalism

(Newser) - Nicholas Kristof was dumbfounded when, during a recent college lecture, a student asked him if banking jobs were immoral. "I've been sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but look, finance is not evil," he writes in the New York Times . It's an essential force, allocating... More »

Palin's Unique Strategy: Attack From Left

Rhetorical contortions amazing, 'mind-bending,' says critic

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's hot-blooded barrages were loved by crowds in Iowa on Saturday, but despite the usual right-wing boilerplate solutions, the former Alaska governor's attacks are coming dressed in uniquely left-wing language, notes David Sessions on the Daily Beast . "Crony capitalism," "corporate welfare," and "... More »

Charles Koch: Why We're Against 'Crony Capitalism'

Koch brother stands up for his family's activism

(Newser) - With the heat intensifying around him and his brother, conservative fundraiser/oil tycoon Charles Koch penned an op-ed piece today to explain himself. “For many years, I, my family, and our company have contributed to a variety of intellectual and political causes,” he writes in the Wall Street Journal... More »

Egyptian Rage Falls Hard on Mubarak Crony

Steel oligarch, became symbol of cronyism

(Newser) - The violence and popular wrath rumbling through Egypt are falling hard against Ahmed Ezz, a steel oligarch with a near-monopoly and a close friendship with Hosni Mubarak's son. Ezz's Cairo digs was torched three times, and popular resentment against Mubarak cronies is reaching critical mass—now Ezz finds his assets... More »

Palin's 'Reforms' Include State Jobs for Donors

Governor's appointees include loyalists with iffy qualifications

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has touted herself as a reformer, telling voters she "took on the old politics as usual in Juneau." But an LA Times investigation shows the Alaska governor gave more than 100 state jobs to campaign contributors and their relatives, many of whom lacked qualifications for... More »

Clinton: Nothing Immune From Bush's 'Waste, Fraud, Abuse'

Cronyism flourishes under Iraq, Katrina

(Newser) - The Bush White House has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on corrupt deals and unaccountable contractors, Hillary Clinton writes in the Wall Street Journal. If America is going to regain fiscal stability, it must "increase transparency" and put an end to practices like "rewarding companies that exploit tax... More »

Immigration Chief Covered Up Racist Pics, Dems Say

Myers report highlights worries about diversity

(Newser) - The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement tried to hide pictures of her giving an award to an employee in a racially insensitive Halloween costume, House Democrats say. Julie Myers was photographed smiling and standing next to an employee in prison garb and wearing blackface, whom she awarded the night's... More »

New Russian Prez Digs Hard Rock, Putin

In Medvedev, quirky résumé masks loyal junior partner

(Newser) - Trivia on Russian president-elect Dmitry Medvedev—that he is a swimmer, a yoga lover, and Deep Purple buff—merely masks a man wholly devoted to Vladimir Putin, New Yorker editor David Remnick writes. "Trivia domesticated even the worst Soviet-era résumés," he reminds us: Catherine the Great... More »

Candidates Play the Name Game

Obama's best selling point: He's neither a Bush nor a Clinton

(Newser) - With “little substantive to separate them,” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton nevertheless present radically different choices, argues US-based Guardian columnist Gary Younge. He contrasts Obama's fresh blood against "the sclerosis in America's political class," heaping scorn on President Bush’s “cronyism, sleaze, dysfunction and incompetence”... More »

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