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7 Families Sue Suspected School Shooter's Parents

They didn't do enough to keep guns away from Dimitrios Pagourtzis: suit

(Newser) - Sabika Sheikh's parents saw it as an opportunity. Sending their daughter to the US as an exchange student from Pakistan could give her a leg up in a later career in business or diplomacy , Abdul Aziz and Farah Naz thought. Three weeks before she was to complete her school... More »

University Has Interesting Idea for Defense Against Shooters

School hands out hockey pucks to students for self-defense

(Newser) - Michigan's Oakland University came up with an unlikely idea for self-defense against an active shooter: hockey pucks. While training faculty members back in March on what to do should a gunman come into their classroom, Police Chief Mark Gordon advised them to be ready to throw something at the... More »

Someone Is Killing California's Protected Sea Otters

4 bodies have been found, 3 of them shot, and killer could face jail

(Newser) - Before being hunted to near extinction for their pelts in the 18th and 19th centuries, sea otters littered the Pacific coast. Today the biggest threats to the 3,000 that remain are oil spills and tankers, reports the Guardian , and now a shooter on the loose near Santa Cruz, Calif.... More »

Phoenix's Serial Shooter Strikes Again

No one was injured in latest incident on July 11

(Newser) - Phoenix police have added another shooting to the lengthy list attributed to an alleged serial killer apparently targeting people at random . Authorities now believe a man who opened fire on a vehicle last month is the same one responsible for at least eight other shootings since March, resulting in seven... More »

San Diego Airport Halts Flights Over Active Shooter

Incoming flights halted as nearby suspect trades fire with cops

(Newser) - San Diego International Airport blocked all incoming flights due to an active shooter locked in a standoff with police in the surrounding neighborhood, reports the Union-Tribune . Police responded to a domestic violence call Wednesday morning in Bankers Hill, where they say they were shot at by a man with a... More »

At Least 4 Dead, 8 Shot at DC Navy Yard

Reports are changing swiftly in shooting rampage

(Newser) - At least four people have been killed and at least eight are injured in the shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard, a US Navy public affairs director is confirming . The Navy itself is reporting fatalities , though it won't say how many. The shooter is described as "contained,... More »

Adam Lanza Had a Score Sheet

New evidence suggests Newtown shooting was in the works for years

(Newser) - Adam Lanza was such an ardent fan of mass murderers that he kept a massive spreadsheet detailing their "accomplishments." Investigators searching the home Lanza shared with his mother found a 7-foot long, 4-foot wide spreadsheet—apparently printed using a special printer—listing roughly 500 past shooters, including their... More »

Media Should Treat Killers Like Ancient Greece Did

It's time to deny mass murderers their infamy, Vicki Leon argues

(Newser) - You know the name of the Sandy Hook shooter. And the Aurora shooter. And likely many more. "It's appalling, but one way to achieve fame in America is through acts of infamy," observes author Vicki Leon in the LA Times . "What if that weren't so?"... More »

Holocaust Museum Shooter Indicted

Von Brunn faces death penalty on first-degree murder charges in DC

(Newser) - The 89-year-old man who shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum last month was charged today with first-degree murder, killing in a federal building, and bias-motivated crime, among other accusations, the Washington Post reports. If convicted, James von Brunn faces life in prison, though four of the... More »

'Santa' Shooter Had Bomb, Plane Ticket, Cash: Police

Death toll at 9 after another body is found in ashes of Calif. home

(Newser) - The discovery of another body in the charred wreckage of a California home brings the death toll in the Christmas Eve shooting rampage to nine, ABC News reports. Police say Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, 45, suspected of shooting his former in-laws while disguised as Santa, had $10,000 in cash and... More »

Mental Illness Drove NIU Killer to Suicide Tries

Army kicked gunman Kazmierczak out over mental health history

(Newser) - The shooter who left 5 dead and 15 injured at Northern Illinois University in February had tried to kill himself four times, an investigative effort by Esquire finds. “I want to die. Life sucks,” Steve Kazmierczak told a nurse after attempting to overdose on prescription medication while in... More »

US Shooters Hit By Soaring Bullet Prices

Demand for metals triggers ammo price hikes

(Newser) - Gun users across the US are having to tighten their ammo belts as bullet prices soar, Reuters reports. Sky-high worldwide demand for copper, lead and zinc means the price of most bullets has shot up two to three times in the last couple of years. Add to that competition for... More »

Notoriety Drives Mass Shooters

Thirst for fame and scandal-hungry media make for dangerous combo, doctor says

(Newser) - Gunfire ripped out across the country last week in a spate of deadly shootings that were unrelated but for one haunting thread: the shooters’ desire for attention, a forensic psychiatrist tells ABC News. “We have to take the Paris Hilton attention-seeking out of crime, or innocent people will be... More »

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