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Our Digital Age Began in 2002

By one measure: That's when analog storage took a back seat

(Newser) - Humanity broadcasts a mind-boggling amount of information daily—try 1.9 zettabytes on for size, says a USC study . In other words, each person is hit with 174 newspapers’ worth of information every day, the Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, computers, libraries, DVD collections, and newspapers can store some 295 exabytes—... More »

Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud

Storage device makes it easy to access your hard drive remotely

(Newser) - The Pogoplug device seems like the perfect solution for people who want to access and share their files over the Internet but are wary of storing their personal data "in the cloud," writes Katherine Boehret. The $129 device allows users to access hard drives or other devices connected... More »

Docs Foresee Trouble With Digitizing Records

For electronic records, money is there but technology isn't

(Newser) - The administration's push to digitize health records is raising red flags with an important constituency: doctors. "We have a long way to go," said the lead author of a report out today that shows only 9% of hospitals have computerized records. His article is part of a... More »

Files May Be Fleeting

As formats change, your digital data could be endangered

(Newser) - Cuneiform tablets have kept information safe across millenia, but hard drives have lifespans of just a few years. Even if your CDs survive the century, their players might have become obsolete, warns the Boston Globe. "Who knows how long they're going to last—how much time before the information... More »

Nanochip Offers 5X the Memory of Flash Drives

New technology uses pins with microscopic points to record data

(Newser) - A Silicon Valley company called Nanochip has a chip under development that can store over five times the amount of data as current flash drives, reports Tech Review. The Nanochip technology  stores memory by using tiny pins with microscopically sharp tips to polarize a film; it is cheaper to produce... More »

5 Stories