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Red River in Russia Is Freaking Everyone Out

Some are pointing the finger at pollution possibly caused by local nickel factory

(Newser) - Russian officials are looking into a phenomenon that's been documented by a flurry of pictures on social media: one of the country's northernmost rivers turning a bloodlike bright red. CNN reports that the Daldykan River shifted to a rouge hue on Tuesday, and while some are saying the... More »

Lady in Red? Might Be Fertile

New study finds women at peak fertility more likely to wear red, pink

(Newser) - Today's entry in the Things You Never Thought to Research category: In a new study, women who were wearing red or pink were more likely to be at the peak of their fertility cycles than those wearing other colors. And not just a little bit more likely, but three... More »

Women Love Men in Red

(Newser) - Have you ever turned to a guy and thought, 'Wow, he's hot because of the x-colored shirt he's wearing?" Probably not. But, a new study out of the University of Rochester finds women really are more attracted to guys in red. Researchers asked 288 women and 25 men to look... More »

Color Me Productive: Red Boosts Focus, Study Finds

Blue, meanwhile, looks to enhance our creativity

(Newser) - The color red boosts performance on detail-oriented work, while blue enhances creativity, Wired reports. A new study primed subjects with the colors before assigning them different tasks, and the results appear to confirm previous research that links red to caution and attention. “Think about red, and what comes to... More »

Red Really Is the Color of Lust

(Newser) - Ladies looking to attract a man can ditch their magazines and follow some simple advice instead: Wear something red. So say researchers at the University of Rochester, who conducted five scientific-sounding experiments to conclude that men aren't all that complicated. The test subjects, all undergrads, judged women as sexier and... More »

Better Red Than Dead in Online Games

Red teams win more often than blue teams, researchers find

(Newser) - If you want to win, at least in the online first-person shooter Unreal Tournament 2004, get your red on. Researchers have found that red teams beat blue teams in the multiplayer game 55% of the time, even though players choose their own teams. One scientist suggested this is because the... More »

Saudi Officials See Red Over Valentine's Day

'Immoral' holiday sparks temporary ban on color

(Newser) - In preparation for Valentine's Day, Saudi Arabia has temporarily banned all things red. The morality cops are out in force in search of the color of love, reports CNN, with plans to confiscate everything from flowers to stuffed toys. The ban is part of a yearly effort, complete with raids... More »

7 Stories