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TV Companies Team Up to Take On Nielsen

(Newser) - A  group of media companies has joined forces with major advertisers to challenge Nielsen's dominance in TV ratings measurement, the Financial Times reports. The firms involved—including NBC, Time Warner, Disney, and Procter & Gamble—aim to have their rival audience measurement scheme up and running by next month,... More »

You Skipping Ads? TiVo Plans to Sell That Info

(Newser) - Watch out Nielsen, here comes TiVo. The company that allows you to skip ads and store shows on its digital video recorder plans to sell your viewing habits to stations and advertisers, USA Today reports. Unlike Nielsen, TiVo can sell second-by-second breakdowns of the shows and ads people watch. But... More »

Sexes Split on Web Watching Habits

Study finds women like Web TV, while men like short, funny clips

(Newser) - Women like watching network TV on the web, while men would rather click around and watch short, funny clips, a Nielsen Online study has found. The survey, Nielsen's first major one of its kind, found women are twice as likely to go to network web sites, and men in the... More »

3 Stories