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25 Youngest Oscar Nominees and Winners

Not all child stars are like Lindsay Lohan...

(Newser) - Sometimes child stars grow up to be Lindsay Lohan. Other times, they get nominated for an Oscar at age 14 and grow up to be Jodie Foster. Huffington Post rounds up the latter in its slideshow of the 25 youngest Academy Award nominees and winners, all of them aged 20... More »

10 Actors Who Moonlight as Rockers

Hollywood loves its multi-hyphenates

(Newser) - What's better than being a famous actor? Being a famous actor and a semi-famous singer. Celebuzz rounds up 10 actors who've also been in a band:
  • Abigail Breslin: She's just 16, but the Little Miss Sunshine actress is already a multi-hyphenate. Her first song is " Westfjords
... More »

Blind Actors Blast Breslin Pick for Keller

Advocates complain that blind, deaf had no chance to audition

(Newser) - Advocates for blind and deaf actors complain that they were never given a chance to audition for the role of Helen Keller in an upcoming revival of The Miracle Worker. The part has instead been given to Abigail Breslin, best known for playing Olive in Little Miss Sunshine. The Broadway... More »

Sister's Keeper a 'Shameless Weepy'

Melodrama about teen cancer patient carries out sustained assault on tear ducts

(Newser) - Cancer melodrama My Sister's Keeper makes every effort possible to tug at the heartstrings, say critics, leaving some people touched and others feeling like they've been run through an industrial tear-extraction machine.
  • AO Scott, New York Times: Keeper "takes on a very tough subject," and has "two
... More »

Kit Kittredge is Sweet, Simple

Well-made movie will entertain kids, critics agree

(Newser) - The young girls who love the “American Girl” series are pretty much guaranteed to love Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, critics agree. Rex Reed of the New York Observer calls it “a brisk, beautifully conceived period piece that spells entertainment with a capital E,” though he admits... More »

Abigail Breslin: Little Miss a Serious Actress

Tweener still candid despite Oscar nod and new starring role

(Newser) - Pint-sized Abigail Breslin swears that her Oscar nod and whirlwind career have barely changed her life, Vanity Fair reports. She will admit that her best supporting actress nomination for Little Miss Sunshine “was really exciting," but so are the 12-year-old's veterinary dreams. “I got to ride a... More »

Nim's Island a Little Too Busy

Adventure film with plucky young heroine one for the tweeners

(Newser) - The spectacular scenery in Nim's Island impressed the critics, as did the film's focus on the pluck and intelligence of its young heroine (Abigail Breslin). Multiple storylines, however —about Nim's life in a Pacific paradise, her lost-at-sea father, and her relationship with an agoraphobic writer (Jodie Foster)—end up... More »

Definitely a Winner

Movie about divorced dad rises above usual cliches

(Newser) - Definitely, Maybe, the story of a soon-to-be-divorced dad whose 11-year-old daughter wants to hear how he met her mother, is definitely a cut above most romantic comedies, critics say. "It's a lot fresher and a bit more sophisticated than the ordinary run of maudlin chick flicks," writes Ken... More »

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