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Dietary Supplements Land 63 People in the ER Daily

FDA, CDC study identifies 23K such ER visits annually

(Newser) - Dietary supplements promise to help you lose weight, build muscle, and boost energy, but they could also send you to the emergency room. Some 23,000 ER visits each year are attributed to everything from herbal pills to vitamins that cause cardiovascular problems, severe allergic reactions, and vomiting, particularly in... More »

Diet Supplements Have Amphetamine-Like Chemical

Study says BMPEA is dangerous, but the FDA is ignoring it

(Newser) - There's a chemical lurking in diet supplements that could be dangerous to consumers, and health experts accuse the FDA of doing little, if anything, to remove it. The chemical, beta-methylphenethylamine or BMPEA, is similar to amphetamine, but its side effects have never been studied on humans, the New York ... More »

Report Makes 'Case Against Microwave Popcorn'

Website warns about fats, nonstick coating, and sodium

(Newser) - Like a nice bowl of microwave popcorn in the evening? Others do too—in fact, America downs 16 billion quarts of popcorn annually—but Safebee reports that many microwave popcorns come with apparent health risks. Four, to be exact:
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA): This nonstick coating can be found in fire-fighting
... More »

Smoking Pot Linked Once More to Heart Problems

New study builds the case against marijuana's cardiovascular risks

(Newser) - Where there's smoke, there's usually fire—and when it comes to marijuana smoke, scientists are once again fanning the embers of a long-suspected theory that the drug is linked to cardiovascular issues. According to a case study published last month in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, a 21-year-old... More »

Behavioral Drugs May Triple Kids' Risk of Diabetes

Anti-psychotics cause weight gain, increased insulin resistance: study

(Newser) - Anti-psychotic drugs, used to treat behavioral disorders in children, may actually be tripling their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Those who took Abilify, Risperdal, Seroquel, and Zyprexa were three times more at risk than those who took other drugs for the same issues, USA Today reports, via a 12-year... More »

Now You Have to Worry About Thirdhand Smoke, Too

Study: It settles into everything, damages DNA

(Newser) - Smoking is bad, inhaling secondhand smoke is bad, and now the trifecta: Thirdhand smoke can mess up your DNA. Thirdhand smoke? It's the residue that lingers everywhere—in carpets, in dust, in drapes, you name it—long after a smoker has left a room, explains Science Daily . And now... More »

San Francisco Loses Fight to Put Warnings on Phones

Industry sued to avoid listing potential radiation risks

(Newser) - San Francisco is giving up its fight to become the first city in the US to require that cell phones come with warnings about the potential health risks of radiation, reports Reuters . The city tried to put such a law on the books in 2011, but the industry blocked it... More »

Sitting Is 'Fatal'? Show Me the Proof

Peter Katzmarzyk's 'sedentary lifestyle' study didn't prove the point

(Newser) - So you've read that a sedentary lifestyle may be more dangerous than smoking ? Hope you didn't buy a new stand-up desk, because the research in question failed to prove a link between inactivity and early death, writes The Numbers Guy at the Wall Street Journal : "It... More »

Unhealthiest Places in US Often Rural, Not Urban

Mostly thanks to poverty

(Newser) - It turns out being a country mouse may be bad for your health. People who live in rural parts of the US may be significantly less healthy than those living in cities and suburbs, according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. The study found... More »

Bodies Clogging Tripoli Spark Disease Fears

Decay and summer heat threatens to unleash health disaster

(Newser) - As fighting continues in Tripoli for the future of Libya, bodies are piling up in the streets—from combat, reprisals, and innocents just caught in the crossfire. And as the corpses decompose in the summer heat, they are becoming such a health risk that removing the bodies has become the... More »

Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity: Study

Authors say it's not cause for alarm, just more long-term research

(Newser) - The debate on the health risks of cell phones is probably going to get noisy for a few days. A prominent new study shows that if you use the phone for about an hour, the area of your brain nearest the antenna shows increased activity, reports Wired . “We have... More »

Cell Phone Risks Tough to Ignore

Review: Two new books don't settle the issue, but raise serious questions

(Newser) - The Washington Post's environmental reporter takes a look at two books (Ann Louise Gittleman's Zapped and Devra Davis' Disconnect) that cover familiar ground on the potential dangers of cell phones. Neither comes close to settling the issue, writes Juliet Eilperin, but "they raise significant questions about our constant exposure... More »

Fracking Isn't Just a Battlestar Galactica Curse

Method of extracting natural gas may pose health risks

(Newser) - Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing, a process used to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation found beneath parts of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It involves forcing water, sand, and some not so nice chemicals under high pressure into the ground. Problem is that some... More »

Cell Phones Are the New Cigarettes

Government must issue warning, as it did with smokes in the '60s

(Newser) - It's time for the government to warn the public about the potential dangers of cell phones, much as it did with cigarettes in the 1960s, writes Joel Moskowitz. We don't have definitive proof yet, but quality studies point to a "harmful association between phone use and tumor risk,"... More »

Sitting at That Computer Is Shortening Your Life

Too much time in the chair increases risk of just about everything

(Newser) - Hey you, reading this at your computer: You might want to get up and stretch. A new study shows that every hour per day spent in front of that monitor raises your risk of early death from heart disease by a whopping 18%—ie, someone who spends an average of... More »

20 Mins of Exercise a Week Keeps Shrink at Bay

Far less clear is how much exercise is best for physical health

(Newser) - If the goal of your exercise program is better mental health, a new study shows that even 20 minutes a week of sports, gardening, or housecleaning may be enough to boost your mood. But if you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, or reduce your risk of life-threatening... More »

Beach Sand Is Bad For You: Study

Contact with sand can increase risk of diarrhea, gastrointestinal sickening

(Newser) - Bird droppings, road runoff, and raw sewage are just some of the contaminants present at your local beach—and the reason playing in the sand could be hazardous to your health, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. A new study, which assessed the health of more than 27,000 beach-goers over... More »

TV Zaps Americans' Sleep Time

Nearly half watch TV before bed

(Newser) - Feeling sleepy? Blame the glowing screen in your bedroom. Researchers studying sleep deprivation in the US say the boob tube is a likely cause, HealthDay News reports. Almost half of Americans say they watch TV right before bed, and that means natural sleep signals, like the dark sky and fatigue,... More »

Anger, Depression Boost Heart Risks: Studies

It's 'what we have all known,' says expert

(Newser) - Anger, hostility, and depression can up the risk of heart disease, new studies suggest. Women with major depression could be more than twice as likely to suffer sudden cardiac death; and “chronically angry or hostile” people with no history may be 19% more likely to get heart disease, WebMD... More »

Under the Tree: Medical Myths

Recent study debunks seasonal misconceptions

(Newser) - Bending and breaking under holiday stress? Relax! The British Medical Journal has bah-humbugged six holiday health myths, the New York Times reports:
  • Night eating makes you fat: Calories are calories. When you eat doesn't matter; it's what you eat.
  • Poinsettias are perilous: Reported cases of human poinsettia consumption: 22,
... More »

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