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Things Get Weird After Guy Is Given Sir Mix-A-Lot's Old Number

A Seattle resident starts receiving all kinds of interesting messages

(Newser) - What's it like being a famous rapper and noted lover of big butts? One Seattle resident got a little taste when his new phone came complete with Sir Mix-A-Lot's old number. The New York Daily News reports Jonathan Nichols moved to Seattle from El Paso for law school... More »

Does This Chair Make My Butt Look Fat?

Scientists find sitting bulks up behinds

(Newser) - You've worried about clothes making you look fat—apparently, you should have worried about chairs actually making you fat. That's because sitting for long stretches can actually make you fatter, scientists have found. Studies suggest that the pressure placed in the butt and hips from sitting too long... More »

Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar

Looks like this trend isn't going anywhere

(Newser) - Perhaps you scoffed when you first read about Booty Pop padded panties , but the line has gone from being hawked on late-night infomercials to Bath & Beyond and—and nearly 1 million sales are expected this year. It was started by two college friends who read about the... More »

Hot Summer Trend: Big Butts

Celebs are increasingly proud of round derrieres

(Newser) - Not sure you can pull off that thong bikini? Think again: Big butts are this summer’s hottest trend, at least according to the New York Daily News . Stars from Kim Kardashian to Serena Williams have gotten much press of late for celebrating their curves, and a new book devoted... More »

Rush Has a Butt Fixation

(Newser) - Lots of detractors say Rush Limbaugh talks out of his ass, but they’re missing something crucial, writes Gabriel Winant for Salon: He talks about his ass, too. And everyone else’s. Constantly. Limbaugh apparently has what Freud would call an anal fixation—specifically a fixation on anal rape. He’... More »

Ivory Coast Crazy for Big Butts

Dance trend sweeps nation, raising interest in illicit booty treatments

(Newser) - Bobaraba! It means “big bottom,” and it's a hit song and butt-shaking dance phenom sweeping the Ivory Coast, the BBC reports. In fact, some women in the west African nation are so caught up in bobaraba-mania that a black market of “bottom enhancers” has emerged, targeting those... More »

6 Stories