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Hot Nevada Export: Mud

Skin product doesn't stink like that of competitors, says harvester

(Newser) - In Nevada, the prospectors are back, but this time, it's not gold they're after. The Wall Street Journal looks at a resident who has built a business out of a substance that's a little easier to find: mud. Out in the desert, hot water swells up from... More »

Botox Numbs Emotional Response

If you can't frown, brain finds it harder to be sad, study surmises

(Newser) - If you turn your frown upside down with Botox, your brain gets the message and makes you less receptive to negative emotional stimuli. That’s the conclusion of a new study of people who had their frown muscles paralyzed with the cosmetic toxin. Researchers tested subjects on the speed of... More »

Botox Lifts Spirits: Study

Mood boost is about more than confidence: doc

(Newser) - As Botox etches out frown lines, it also lifts moods, new research shows. In a small sample—just 12 patients—researchers found Botox recipients less depressed, anxious, and irritable post-treatment, even though they didn't feel any more attractive than other cosmetic treatment patients, Time reports. That adds depression to the... More »

Dental Divide: US Goes for White, UK Prefers Character

British celebs often mocked for polishing, straightening teeth across the pond

(Newser) - The difference between British teeth and American teeth is in societal expectations, the BBC reports. “Americans have the idea uniformity is equivalent to looking good,” one UK expert says. “The British character is more free-spirited, more radical.” Brits like Ricky Gervais have resisted the lure of... More »

For Skin Doctors, Cosmetics Trumps Medicine

Vanity clients trump medical patients at dermatologist's office

(Newser) - These days, dermatologists offer luxurious treatment rooms and personalized services for high-paying cosmetic clients seeking a Botox injection. But for those suffering medical conditions, the experience can be far less personal—increasingly, skin doctors are hiring assistants and nurse practitioners to handle everything from psoriasis to skin cancer. The New ... More »

Botox May Move from Face to Brain

Anti-wrinkle toxin traveled to rats' central nervous system

(Newser) - Botox can spread from the face to the brain, scientists who injected rats with the anti-wrinkle treatment say. Traces of the toxin turned up in the rats' brain stems three days after it was injected into their whisker muscles, Bloomberg reports. A dermatologist says the findings call for further investigation,... More »

Ivory Coast Crazy for Big Butts

Dance trend sweeps nation, raising interest in illicit booty treatments

(Newser) - Bobaraba! It means “big bottom,” and it's a hit song and butt-shaking dance phenom sweeping the Ivory Coast, the BBC reports. In fact, some women in the west African nation are so caught up in bobaraba-mania that a black market of “bottom enhancers” has emerged, targeting those... More »

7 Stories