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Device Can Detect 17 Diseases by Our Breath

Including Parkinson's and multiple cancers

(Newser) - What if detecting cancer was as easy as breathing in and out? According to a study published last week in American Chemical Society Nano , it pretty much is. Scientist Hossam Haick has been working on his "electronic nose" for years, the Outline reports, and this new study shows the... More »

Is the Movie Funny? Test of the Air Might Reveal All

Chemical we exhale may correspond to fear, humor, say researchers

(Newser) - Ever wondered if dogs can actually smell when you are afraid? New research published in the journal Scientific Reports suggests that humans emit certain chemical signatures that might be predictive of our emotions "by broadcasting scene specific emissions on breath." To test this, they studied the air in... More »

Your Breath Can Reveal ... Stomach Cancer?

Scientists develop new diagnostic test

(Newser) - Scientists have developed a test that can detect stomach cancer with 90% accuracy—based on a patient's breath, the BBC reports. This test sounds monumentally less unpleasant than the current method for diagnosing stomach cancer, which involves a probe and a camera being passed through the mouth and down... More »

Next-Gen Diagnostic Tool: Your Breath

High-tech tests can detect growing number of illnesses

(Newser) - Doctors since ancient times have been able to detect ailments from the smell of a patient's breath, and the practice is now getting a boost from 21st-century technology, the Wall Street Journal finds. Researchers are identifying thousands of compounds that leave traces in exhaled breath and developing tools that... More »

New Injections Can Keep People Alive—Without Breath

Scientists' invention could save millions of lives a year

(Newser) - Scientists in Boston are reporting what could be a major breakthrough: They've designed oxygen-carrying particles that can let patients live for up to half an hour—without taking a breath. The injected material give doctors time to address emergencies in patients who can't breathe with far less risk... More »

Panicked? Don't Take a Deep Breath

Shallow breathing will actually make you feel better

(Newser) - Feeling panicked? Calm down and take a … shallow breath. Researchers who developed a new treatment for panic attacks say that the common advice of taking a deep breath can actually make you feel worse, LiveScience reports. That’s because breathing too deeply and too quickly can cause you to... More »

Breath Test Can Detect Types of Cancer

'Electronic nose' can sniff out cancerous molecules

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered that through a breath test they can detect cancer. As cancer grows, it emits certain chemicals from the surface of the affected cells that can be recognized by an "electronic nose" that uses gold nanoparticles. Early results were published in the British Journal of Cancer and... More »

How Birds, Crocs Escaped Prehistoric Extinction

One-way breathing pattern points to common ancestor

(Newser) - In the midst of the planet's worst-ever wave of extinction some 250 million years ago, the ancestors of birds and alligators managed to survive thanks to a shared breathing mechanism that enabled them to weather low oxygen levels. New research shows that when birds and alligators breathe, air flows in... More »

China Recruits Astronauts: Bad-Breathed Need Not Apply

'Super human beings' must meet 100 criteria

(Newser) - China’s looking for astronauts for its new space program, but getting the job won’t be easy: Applicants must conform to some 100 specs, including a ban on bad breath, the BBC reports. “Bad body odor will affect fellow colleagues in the narrow confines of a space shuttle,... More »

At London Bar, Patrons Breathe Their Liquor

Experimental pub cautions patrons to 'breathe responsibly'

(Newser) - Two British entrepreneurs have opened a truly innovative bar—where alcohol is inhaled rather than drunk, ABC News reports. London’s Alcoholic Architecture fills a room with gin and tonic vapor, which patrons covered in protective suits breathe in for around $7 an hour. "We're reinventing the gin and... More »

David Blaine Breaks Breath-Holding Record

Endurance artist sets new record at 17 minutes, 4 seconds

(Newser) - David Blaine broke the world record for holding one’s breath today when he was submerged for 17 minutes and 4 seconds during a taping of Oprah. The endurance artist looked relaxed emerging from a water-filled sphere, the AP reports. Blaine had undergone simulated altitude training and pure oxygen treatment... More »

Medical Breathalyzer Tracks Disease

Breakthrough technique uses lasers to test for biomarkers of illness

(Newser) - Diagnosing diseases such as asthma and cancer may become quicker and easier thanks to a new device that analyzes a patient's breath. By shooting lasers as the gas molecules in a person's breath, doctors will be able to analyze the composition of the gas and search for biological markers of... More »

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