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MillerCoors Testing Mini-Keg for Fridge

(Newser) - MillerCoors is trying out a novel presentation of its Miller and Coors Light beers with the “Home Draft,” a 1.5-gallon mini-keg that stays fresh in the fridge for a month, the Wall Street Journal reports. The set-up is similar to boxed wine. Amid a drop-off in domestic... More »

Future of Wine Could Be on Tap

Restaurants, consumers save when vino comes straight from the keg

(Newser) - The trickle of American restaurants serving wine on tap may become a flood when owners realize the benefits, Eric Asimov writes in his New York Times wine column. Serving wine through a keg and tap system identical to that used for beer eliminates a lot of waste, Asimov notes, stopping... More »

Kegger-Plagued College Town Paves With Rubber

Iowa college town ditches concrete for more flexible solution

(Newser) - Sloppy keg delivery has taken its toll on sidewalks in the Campustown area popular with Iowa State University students, the Ames Tribune reports—but officials aren’t cracking under the pressure. Instead, they’re installing rubber sidewalks to replace pavement battered by years of abuse from offloaded beer barrels. Made... More »

One-Man Beer Outfits Take Brewing Micro Indeed

Super-small operations cater to niches in US niche markets

(Newser) - Some so-called “microbreweries” have grown much too large to use that sobriquet, but as certain outfits outgrow the label, others are just growing into it. Portfolio's Lew Bryson introduces the future of beer: one-man brewing. In a market where once-boutique names like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada now command... More »

4 Stories