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Bloomberg, Scarborough 'Eying 2012 Run'

Mayor, MSNBC host may form 'odd couple' independent ticket

(Newser) - New York City's mayor and the host of MSNBC's Morning Joe are exploring the possibility of an "odd couple" run for the White House on an independent ticket, according to the Huffington Post , which cites "well-placed sources." Joe Scarborough, a longtime friend of Michael Bloomberg's, denies that... More »

Voters Seek—But Don't Find—Safety

Independents flee Dems to avoid 'turmoil and risk'

(Newser) - Independent voters are more volatile than ever, and politicians who want their votes need to regain their trust first, writes David Brooks . Polls show those voters, especially in new suburbs hard hit by recession, trust the government less than ever before, leaving them "in the position of a person... More »

Voters Now a Rampaging Herd

Get ready for a permanent tea party as voters seek leaders

(Newser) - In the GOP upsets in Virginia and New Jersey, Daniel Henninger doesn't just see Obama backlash, he sees a voter rebellion from both parties, with independent Americans behaving like stampeding cattle. That independents would within one year swing from Obama enthusiasts to backing decent-to-weak Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey... More »

10 Key Factors in Wisconsin Vote

Here's what may tip the results either candidate's way

(Newser) - With Wisconsin voting winding down, "it's anybody’s state,” says Slate’s Chadwick Maltin. Here are five reasons Clinton could win. (Obama's follow):
  1. The demographics are perfect: 90% are white, and most are lower-income moderates.
  2. Polls here are seesawing, and they’re due to swing in Hillary’s
... More »

4 Stories