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Why Tonight's Earth Hour Is Misguided

Bjorn Lomborg: It's just 'vain symbolism' that sends the wrong message

(Newser) - The annual Earth Hour celebration in which locales and individuals across the world turn off lights at 8:30pm local time is under way once again today. You will not catch Bjorn Lomborg in the dark, however. This gimmicky stunt sends the message that beating global warming is easy and... More »

Lights Dim for Earth Hour

It's that time of year again: 8:30pm local

(Newser) - Earth Hour is back for the fifth year, with cities around world dimming the lights at 8:30pm local time. Last year, nearly 130 nations took part, and National Geographic thinks the number could be bigger this year. The idea is to raise awareness of energy conservation: Click to read... More »

'Earth Hour' Is a Joke

We need real green solutions, not just 'feel-good' movements: Bjorn Lomborg

(Newser) - This Saturday night, environmental activists are calling on the world to dim the lights for “Earth Hour”—a nice idea, but one that may actually be counterproductive. Look at it this way: "If everyone in the world participated in this year's Earth Hour, the result would be... More »

Earth Hour Under Way

Lights go out for an hour at 8:30pm

(Newser) - Earth Hour is under way, with cities in Australia and New Zealand being the first to turn off the lights in main buildings and landmarks at 8:30pm local time. About 4,000 cities in more than 120 countries are expected to participate in the fourth annual event, reports AP... More »

Lights Go Out Tomorrow for Earth Hour

Cities across the world flick switches at 8:30pm

(Newser) - Earth Hour returns tomorrow night, with cities across the world turning off the lights at 8:30pm local time. The annual event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund is in its fourth year and growing quickly. About 30 US state capitals are expected to take part, up from 8 last... More »

It's Lights Out for Earth Hour

(Newser) - Earth Hour is under way. The annual event in which cities around the world dim their lights for an hour at 8:30pm local time kicked off in Sydney, Australia, the Age reports. China's Bird's Nest stadium, London's Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, and the Empire State Building... More »

China Dials Down Earth Hour for Tibet 'Holiday'

Happy Serf Liberation Day

(Newser) - The Chinese government has had a sudden change of heart about Earth Hour because the eco-conscious event falls during a new holiday celebrating the Dalai Lama’s flight from Tibet. Cities going dark won't create quite the festive atmosphere Beijing envisioned for the first Serf Liberation Day, so the government... More »

Cities Dim Lights for Earth

Australian brainstorm becomes global phenomenon

(Newser) - Cities around the world dimmed their lights for an hour tonight to draw attention to global warming, the AP reports. Sydney, Australia, the city where Earth Hour began a year ago, helped get things started, followed by municipalities around the world at 8 pm. in their time zones. Chicago and... More »

World Will Dim Lights Tomorrow for Earth Hour

Cities will power off to call attention to global warming

(Newser) - Cities across the world will dim their lights  tomorrow night—temporarily darkening major landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney’s Opera House and Chicago's Wrigley Field—in an effort to raise awareness about energy conservation and climate change. Phoenix, Atlanta, and a dozen other US cities will join... More »

Cities Ready Protest Blackout

World 'Earth Hour' aims to raise awareness about global warming

(Newser) - An hour of darkness will descend on cities from Australia to Denmark on March 29 as homes and business turn out the lights to raise awareness about global warming. The event began last year in Sydney, where 2.2 million people shut off the lights, AFP reports. Two dozen cities... More »

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