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India Blames Pakistan in Killing of 5 Soldiers

Clash boosts tensions amid push for talks

(Newser) - India says five of its soldiers were ambushed and killed by Pakistani soldiers and fighters along the countries' Kashmir border—a claim Pakistan rejects. "The ambush was carried out by approximately 20 heavily armed terrorists along with soldiers of Pak army," says India's defense ministry. Pakistan denies... More »

Blowback Feared After US Strike Kills Pakistani Ally

Maulvi Nazir reportedly had truce with Pakistan

(Newser) - A pair of US drone strikes in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border killed 13 people today, including a senior militant commander who had a truce with the Pakistani military, intelligence officials and residents said. Five Pakistani security officials said the commander, Maulvi Nazir, was reportedly among nine people killed... More »

Militants Storm Pakistan Air Base

9 die in assault on suspected nuclear base

(Newser) - Militants stormed an air base in Pakistan early Thursday morning in a brazen attack bound to raise fears about the security of the country's nuclear weapons. The team of eight militants, who all died in the attack, fought their way inside the Minras air base with automatic weapons and... More »

Pakistan Cans Defense Minister

Chaos reigns in Islamabad as bridge between military, government is ousted

(Newser) - Pakistan's government fired the defense secretary today and the army warned of "grievous consequences" for the country, escalating a political and legal crisis that some believe could end in the dismissal of the government. Retired Lt. Gen. Naeem Khalid Lodhi, an army loyalist seen as a bridge between... More »

Pakistan Cleared Deadly Hit: US

Pakistan said it had no forces in area when airstrikes were called

(Newser) - Pakistan officials were unaware they had forces in the area and gave the OK for US airstrikes last week that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, according to the American account of the worst friendly fire killing in the 10-year Afghanistan war, reports the Wall Street Journal . US forces in Afghanistan were... More »

Pakistan Envoy to US Booted Over Memo

He allegedly asked US to prevent a coup from Pakistan's military

(Newser) - Pakistan named Sherry Rehman as its new ambassador to the US today after its old one—the well-regarded Hussain Haqqani—was forced to resign yesterday over an ongoing scandal known in Pakistan as “Memogate.” After Osama bin Laden’s death, Haqqani allegedly sent a memo urging the US... More »

As US Twists Arm, Pakistan Eyes Taliban Crackdown

Signs mount that attack on Taliban militants is forthcoming

(Newser) - Signs are mounting that Pakistan may soon launch an attack on the tribal region of North Waziristan, a stronghold for Afghan Taliban militants and al-Qaeda. The US is increasing pressure on Pakistan to help eradicate Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents, with an invasion of North Waziristan being a chief goal. But... More »

Obama Gave the OK to Fire at Pakistani Troops

President also ordered backup team in case of military confrontation

(Newser) - President Obama beefed up the assault team targeting Osama bin Laden so the US forces would be capable of battling Pakistani troops to get out of the country once the main crew accomplished their mission. Originally two helicopters of backup forces were to be stationed at the Afghanistan border, 90... More »

Shahzad's Dad: Family Knew Nothing of Plot

Pakistan neighbors stunned

(Newser) - Faisal Shahzad's father, a retired Pakistani Air Force commander, says he knew nothing of his son's alleged links to terror groups. Air Vice-Marshal Baharul Haq, who once headed Pakistan's civil aviation authority, told the Sun that he was contacting the Pakistani government to find out the truth about his son.... More »

US Fears Insurgents Are Eluding Pakistan Crackdown

Dubious success of campaign could affect Afghan troop decision

(Newser) - Pakistan's drive to oust militants from South Waziristan has been suspiciously successful, prompting US fears that the enemy is simply eluding Pakistani forces. The military, for example, recently captured Sararogha, the Taliban’s de facto capital. “It all started here,” a commander boasts to the New York Times.... More »

10 Dead as Gunmen Hit Pakistani Army HQ

Third devastating attack in a week as Pakistan readies anti-Taliban offensive

(Newser) - Gunmen wearing military uniforms and wielding assault rifles and grenades attacked Pakistan's army headquarters today, sparking a ferocious gun battle outside the capital that killed four of the assailants and at least six soldiers, authorities said. Two of the attackers managed to infiltrate the heavily fortified compound in the garrison... More »

Boosted US Presence Rankles Pakistan

Military fears too many strings are attached to new $7.5 billion in aid

(Newser) - The $7.5 billion aid package to Pakistan recently approved by the Senate appears to have triggered more suspicion than goodwill. Many in Pakistan, especially in the military, object that the conditions tied to the aid—which include keeping the military out of politics—are an unacceptable encroachment on national... More »

Taliban Surrenders in Swat

Maulana Fazlullah either surrounded or arrested as Pakistani offensive continues

(Newser) - A Taliban-controlled pirate radio station announced the militant group's surrender in the Swat Valley, after yet another key leader was said to have been arrested by the Pakistani military, the Telegraph reports. Though some reports claim that Maulana Fazlullah is surrounded by Pakistani forces, sources tell the Telegraph that he... More »

Forget Pakistan's Claims: Taliban Is Only Hiding Out

Military's paltry victory gives fighters opening to reclaim stronghold

(Newser) - Pakistan is crowing over its victories against militants in the Swat Valley, but the Taliban has simply retreated to fight another day, Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah write in the New York Times. Pakistan, which only controls roads and urban centers, hasn't even killed one Taliban leader. "Most... More »

Bin Laden in Pakistan: CIA Head

Finding leader remains 'major priority,' he says

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden is still in Pakistan and his arrest remains a top priority for the US, CIA Director Leon Panetta said today, adding that joint operations with Pakistani forces could finally net al-Qaeda’s top leader. The CIA has Pakistani informants that keep it abreast of terrorist targets there,... More »

Bin Laden Short on Hiding Spots: Officials

Pakistan offensive, troops in Afghanistan, drone attacks cut space

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden has fewer and fewer places to hide these days, officials tell NPR. And “the administration smells blood,” says a former counterterror official who cites three reasons for the shrinking space: Pakistan’s Swat Valley offensive against the Taliban, "along with US activities from the... More »

Ground Troops Reach Taliban HQ: Pakistan

Refugee crisis mounts as fighting ramps up

(Newser) - Pakistani soldiers descended on a Taliban stronghold in Swat Valley today to “search and destroy,” a military spokesman tells Reuters. Ground troops were also moving toward the remote northwest region as the military ramps up its offensive against insurgents there. Officials say 751 of the vastly outnumbered militants... More »

As Pakistan Shells Taliban, 500K Flee Swat

Military bombards densely populated areas; UN warns of crisis

(Newser) - Refugees continue to flee the Swat Valley in Pakistan, reports the Guardian, where government forces battling resurgent Taliban militants have been conducting airstrikes in heavily populated areas. The government is preparing for up to 500,000 refugees in what the UN warns is becoming a humanitarian crisis. The Washington Post... More »

Pakistan Retakes Key Town From Taliban: Military

Will redeploy 6K troops from Indian to Afghan border

(Newser) - After deploying jets and helicopters yesterday in response to a Taliban incursion into the Buner district, Pakistan has taken back a key town, the military says. The country will also shift 6,000 troops from the Indian border to face militants along the Afghan border, said an official, a move... More »

Pakistan Launches Strikes Against Taliban

Militant presence in Buner violates peace agreement, says military

(Newser) - Pakistan has deployed troops and begun airstrikes against suspected Taliban sites in the Buner district, uncomfortably close to the capital. A military spokesman said some 500 militants are in the district, just over 60 miles from Islamabad, violating a peace agreement, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, tens of thousands have fled... More »

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