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On Deathbed, GOP Senator Apologizes for Trump

Bob Bennett had a message for Muslims

(Newser) - "Are there any Muslims in the hospital?" former GOP senator Bob Bennett asked as he lay dying in Washington in April, reports the Daily Beast . He wasn't delusional. In fact, he was "sharp as a tack," his son tells NBC News . "I'd love to... More »

The Top Moments in 2010 Politics

The Tea Party really made things interesting this year

(Newser) - From a January special election right up to the unexpectedly-productive lame duck Congress that just finished, 2010 was an incredible year in politics. Here's the rundown of Politico's top moments:
  • Jan. 9, Scott Brown surges—The Republican took the lead in polls, sending uneasy Democrats into full-fledged panic mode. Just
... More »

It's Tough to Be Conservative Enough in 2010

Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, and more wouldn't be: Dana Milkbank

(Newser) - When Dana Milbank had the temerity to call Lisa Murkowski and Bob Bennett “faithful conservatives,” readers let him have it. These weren’t conservatives, they argued—just look at their American Conservative Union scores! So Milbank did. “What I found was astonishing,” he writes in the... More »

Ousting Murkowski Is a Huge Coup for Tea Party

There's little danger of a general election backlash

(Newser) - Tea Party candidates have been accused of hurting Republican chances in some races, but in ousting Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski it’s “on much firmer tactical ground,” writes Nate Silver of the New York Times . Murkowski’s not an “authentically moderate senator such as Olympia Snowe and... More »

Tea Party Choice Mike Lee Wins in Utah

Lawyer wins GOP Senate nomination in battle of the Tea Partiers

(Newser) - Utah's Republican voters, faced with a choice of two Tea Party-backed candidates with near-identical platforms, picked the one with the legal background over the one with the business background. Mike Lee has been elected as the state's GOP nominee for US Senate, beating Tim Bridgewater by 51% to 49%, Politico... More »

2 Tea Partiers Square Off in Utah GOP Senate Primary

Bridgewater faces Lee for Bob Bennett seat

(Newser) - Like many Republican primaries around the country, Utah's election today features a Tea Party-backed candidate who praises the virtues of small government. In the Beehive State, however, the Tea Party pick isn't running against a Washington-backed candidate—Sen. Bob Bennett got the boot when the field was narrowed to two—... More »

Tea Party's First Victim Offers Advice to Tea Partiers

It takes compromise, not just slogans, to govern

(Newser) - The Tea Party loves its slogans, namely "Send a message to Washington" and "Take back America," writes soon-to-be-gone Senator Bob Bennett of Utah. "I know both very well because they were the main tools used to defeat me," he writes in the Washington Post . Such... More »

Tea Party Fervor Ousts Utah Senator Bob Bennett

Incumbent loses GOP nod amid anti-incumbent mood

(Newser) - The first incumbent goes down: Utah Senator Bob Bennett lost his bid for the Republican nomination today amid fierce anti-Washington sentiment, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The 18-year incumbent lost his chance to run for a fourth term to a conservative candidate backed by the Tea Party, Mike Lee, and... More »

Tea Party Cannibalizes Its Own

Movement only hurts itself by trying to purge the impure

(Newser) - Don't expect to see Kathleen Parker speaking at any Tea Party events: The prominent conservative has come out against the movement in a Washington Post column warning that Tea Partiers have "allegiance to no one." Parker takes the Tea Party to task for seeking to purge Republican incumbents... More »

Anti-Incumbent Fever Could Take Down GOP's Bennett

It's not just a problem for Democrats this year

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Bob Bennett—darling of the NRA and grandson of a Mormon Church president—suddenly may not be conservative enough for ultraconservative Utah. Bennett could become the first 2010 election casualty among incumbent US senators if he fails to win at least 40% of the 3,500 delegates at... More »

'Tea Party' to Fight Dozen GOP Candidates in 2010

Conservatives taking aim at moderates

(Newser) - This election cycle could herald all-out war between far-right conservatives and the Republican establishment. Empowered by their success in pushing the GOP candidate out of the race in New York’s 23rd District, tea party activists and their allies plan to launch primary challenges against more than a dozen GOP... More »

Health Care Bills Don't Offer Real Choice

Legislation in Congress seem to settle for status quo

(Newser) - Health insurance firms are essentially monopolies because employers, not individuals, choose which plans to offer. This freedom from competitive forces has allowed insurance to become flaky and opaque—and the reform currently being debated in Washington would do little about it, writes David Leonhardt for the New York Times. Even... More »

GOP Blocks Obama Interior Dep't Pick

Rejection of top deputy marks first Republican KO of nominee

(Newser) - Republicans have blocked President Obama's pick for the No. 2 job at the Interior Department because of a flap over oil leases in Utah. In a 57-39 Senate vote, Democrats fell short of the 60 votes they would have needed to advance the nominee past GOP obstacles. It's the first... More »

Don't Give Up on Bipartisanship, Barack

President needs GOP for his ambitious agenda, says Broder

(Newser) - Barack Obama came into the White House pledging bipartisanship, but one month in, pundits are telling the president to forget compromise and "get real." Don't listen, writes David S. Broder in the Washington Post, who calls those recommendations "the worst advice he has received." Not only... More »

Universal Health Crossing Lines

Post columnist examines bill with 12 Senate supporters, on both sides of aisle

(Newser) - While presidential candidates are busy bickering about how to achieve universal health care, a bill in the Senate has quietly acquired 12 supporters—the biggest bipartisan coalition ever gathered behind universal health care legislation, Ruth Marcus writes in the Washington Post.  Sponsors Ron Wyden and Bob Bennett hope the... More »

McCain Story Spurred Turmoil at Times

Editor pushed for better evidence of affair, irking reporters amid buzz

(Newser) - Today’s New York Times bombshell alleging improper ties between John McCain and a lobbyist dropped only after three months of feuding between reporters who thought they’d “nailed” a story and the Gray Lady’s unsatisfied editor, the New Republic reports. One writer quit the paper over the... More »

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