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Consumer Reports Ditches Microsoft Recommendations

Publication pulls the recommendations it previously offered for 4 Surface laptops

(Newser) - A blow for Microsoft: Consumer Reports says it can't currently recommend any of the company's laptops or tablets. Four Microsoft Surface laptops used to have the publication's "recommended" designation, but those recommendations have now been pulled. The magazine says it made the decision based on an... More »

Did Microsoft Just Unveil the 'Ultimate' Laptop?

Tech publications are already raving

(Newser) - During a Surface event Tuesday, Microsoft shocked the world—well, the part of the world that cares about things like Microsoft Surface events—when it announced the Surface Book, the company's first-ever laptop, Engadget reports. According to Wired , the device's screen can detach from its keyboard base to... More »

Oprah Plugs the Microsoft Surface ... From Her iPad

But good Twitter apps are hard to find in Windows

(Newser) - Oops. Oprah Winfrey reiterated her love for the new Microsoft Surface this morning, but did it from a Twitter app—on her iPad, Techcrunch reports. "Gotta say love that SURFACE!" she tweeted . "Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts." So why not tweet from her beloved... More »

Microsoft Making 7-inch 'X-Box Surface' Tablet

New tablet would be just for gaming

(Newser) - The latest gossip out of Silicon Valley: Microsoft is developing a new, 7-inch gaming tablet known as the Xbox Surface, insiders tell The Verge . The device, still in the testing stages, will contain hardware designed specifically for games, though some basic tablet and Windows features may be incorporated. Fueling the... More »

Zune's Spirit Helped Revive Microsoft

Farhad Manjoo: The often razzed device marked a shift toward innovation

(Newser) - If you only have hazy memories of the Zune, Microsoft's foray into the mp3 player market, you're not alone. The device was discontinued in 2011, and today it's mostly the butt of Apple fans' jokes. But Farhad Manjoo got his hands on one of the 2009-era touchscreen... More »

Microsoft Surface RT Falls Flat

'Handsome' device is clumsy, but has potential

(Newser) - The creators of the hotly anticipated Microsoft Surface RT have touted it as revolutionary, improving upon the toy-like tablets of today by making it functional, with a detachable touch screen and a snappy design. So is it the future of computing? Not yet, most reviewers agree:
  • Sam Biddle praises the
... More »

Microsoft Tablet Priced for 'Major Impact' at $499

Entry-level Surface cheaper than retina iPad

(Newser) - Microsoft's tablet price has finally been revealed: Earlier today, the Microsoft Store listed the 32-gigabyte Surface RT for $499. The price is "more than the retina-display competitive" and "seems right to make a major impact," writes Brian Barrett at Gizmodo , at $100 less than the retina-display... More »

'iPad Mini' to Debut Oct. 23

For real this time?

(Newser) - Word has it a smaller iPad will debut at an Apple event on Oct. 23—though, to be fair, word has previously been wrong . This time, however, AllThingsD sounds pretty sure about it. The invite-only event, set for three days before Microsoft's Surface tablet hits stores, will take place... More »

Apple Preps 'iPad Mini': Reports

Cheaper tablet would have smaller screen

(Newser) - Looks like Applephiles will soon have one more gadget to add to their collection of must-have gear. Two insiders tell Bloomberg that a "mini" iPad is in the works, and should arrive by the end of this year. The planned tablet—intended to help battle competition from Google, Amazon,... More »

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8

It'll have the same source code as Windows 8

(Newser) - Hot on the heels of its "Surface" tablet announcement , Microsoft today unveiled its latest mobile offering, Windows Phone 8. This new OS will be built off the same source code as the desktop/tablet version of Windows 8, and will at last bring Microsoft's OS up to modern standards,... More »

Microsoft Unveils 'Surface' Tablet

CEO Steve Ballmer shows off tablet with multi-touch keyboard

(Newser) - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the company's uber-hyped new tablet at an event in Los Angeles today: the Microsoft Surface. Windows division President Steven Sinofsky ran down the details, MSNBC and Forbes report:
  • A magnetic, clip-on cover includes a multi-touch keyboard and trackpad, which Sinofsky says is twice as
... More »

Harrah's Rolls Dice on Surface

Microsoft's touch-screen tables debut at Rio

(Newser) - A Las Vegas casino has become the first to roll the dice with the much-touted Microsoft Surface, a touch-screen table that lets gamblers order drinks, watch YouTube videos, and even flirt. Harrah’s Rio hotel yesterday installed 6 of the tables, which start at $10,000, the AP reports. “... More »

Meet the Next Big Interface: Multitouch

The iPhone was just the beginning. Mossberg sees it everywhere

(Newser) - The iPhone was just the coming-out party: The gesture-based touch commands the phone uses, writes Walter Mossberg in today’s Wall Street Journal, have since been ported everywhere from the Macbook Air laptop to a Microsoft coffee-table-sized computer to iPhone wannabes exhibited all over the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Multitouch... More »

Microsoft Surface Plays Hard to Get

The company's new table begs to be touched, but price won't allow it

(Newser) - The bottom line on Surface, Microsoft's touch-sensitive table being unveiled today? The possibilities are exciting, says PC World's Harry McCracken, but the roll-out is annoying.  Surface—which skips a mouse in favor of an index finger—can interact with multiple users, and even objects. But, too expensive to be... More »

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