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Lawyer Sorry After Alleging Rape by State Trooper

He says bodycam video disputes his client's claims

(Newser) - A civil rights lawyer on Monday claimed there was "significant evidence to substantiate" his client's claim she was raped by a Texas state trooper. Two days later, he said the trooper "should be cleared of any wrongdoing." It was an about-face spurred by the release of... More »

Cops: Mom Staged Daughter's Abduction

She was angry with the girl's father, they say

(Newser) - Shavaughn Vaughn told police on Tuesday that her daughter was missing and that she suspected the 10-year-old’s father was hiding her somewhere. The report sparked an eight-hour search in Sacramento, complete with helicopters, the Sacramento Bee reports. In an interview with CBS 13 , Vaughn began to cry as she... More »

Tables Turn on Students Said to Be Victims of Hate Crime

3 SUNY Albany women are now being charged with assault

(Newser) - An attack against three black SUNY Albany students that they said was racially motivated has now taken a turn, NBC New s reports. Ariel Agudio, Alexis Briggs, and Asha Burwell, all 20-year-old females, say they were on a late-night city bus on Jan. 30 when they were harassed by a... More »

Hofstra Gang Rape Wasn't Rape—but It Wasn't OK

Drunken sexual encounters trivialize the problem of real rape

(Newser) - It’s clear now that the alleged Hofstra gang rape in a campus bathroom—in which a young woman said 5 guys tied her to a stall and attacked her—was not rape, by any legal definition. Confronted with a cell phone video, the woman recanted within 72 hours, admitting... More »

Hofstra Student Recants Gang Rape Claim

Four men released from jail after accuser admits sex was consensual

(Newser) - A reported gang rape at Hofstra University wasn't a rape after all, the local DA says. The accuser "recanted her claims against the five young men," a school official told students in a text message. The four men who had been charged—and publicly identified—were released from... More »

Will Smith Wins Libel Suit Over Hitler Slur

London news agency apologizes for claiming actor praised dictator

(Newser) - A London news agency must pay undisclosed damages and apologize to Will Smith for publishing a story that erroneously quoted the actor as saying Adolf Hitler was a “good person.” E! Online reports that the World Entertainment News Network picked up and greatly distorted quotes from Smith’s... More »

6 Stories