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'Cheapest Ever' Flights Get You to Europe for $65

But Norwegian Air will only be offering a limited number of them

(Newser) - This could be the summer to go to Europe, so long as you live in the Northeast. Norwegian Air International is launching $65 one-way flights on 10 routes between Europe and the US this summer, using the smaller Boeing 737 Max. There are three points of departure stateside: Bradley International,... More »

Whoops: United Offers Free Flights by Mistake

Accidentally posts $0 fares, and might even honor them

(Newser) - For a little while yesterday, United Airlines was giving away airplane tickets for free, or close to it. Passengers reported buying tickets for $5 to $10 before United shut down the bookings on its website and phone centers to prevent more tickets from being sold or given away, though everything... More »

Best and Worst Airports for Sleeping

The budget traveler can save money, but should avoid certain airports

(Newser) - Looking to save a buck or two on your next vacation? Consider sleeping in the airport: It’s not “just for the young budget traveler” anymore, says the Guide to Sleeping in Airports. The website ranks the best—and worst—to sleep in, Reuters reports. Best:
  1. Changi, Singapore
  2. Incheon,
... More »

Cheap Deals Bring Back the Vacation

Flights, hotels drop prices in economic slump

(Newser) - When it comes to vacationing this summer, “the power is with the consumer,” says a consultant: The troubled economy has airlines, hotels, and cruises dropping prices dramatically. International airfares are down 14%, domestic fares 17%, Travelocity says; and for the first time since 2005, AAA predicts an uptick... More »

Vacation Too Pricey? Try the Staycation

Strapped would-be travelers get creative in turning home into exotic destination

(Newser) - Some Americans aren’t letting high fuel prices and a weak dollar get in the way of travel plans, the Wall Street Journal finds. Wannabe wayfarers are taking the “staycation”—a holiday spent at home—to new heights of creativity, with one Bronx woman swapping a trip to... More »

Air Bargains Still There, But More Hunting Needed

Flexibility in schedule, destination seen as key to finding cheap travel

(Newser) - It’s no secret that airline ticket costs are up—18% on average from last year. But, the Los Angeles Times reports, deals are still there, if you’re wiling to hunt for them. Limited-time online bargains can provide cheap fares, and many travelers are searching smaller airlines’ websites for... More »

'Lonely Planet' Writer Admits He Made It Up

Writer dealt drugs, took freebies, and oh yeah, never visited Colombia

(Newser) - Lonely Planet guidebook executives are reeling in the wake of memoir confessions by one of their authors that he fabricated or plagiarized parts of the books—and dealt drugs to fund his trips. Thomas Kohnstamm also writes in Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? that he flouted guidebook policy by... More »

25 Ways to Save in Europe

Don't let the dismal dollar derail your dream vacation

(Newser) - Worried that exchanging your dollars into pounds will leave you with pennies? MSNBC outlines 25 ways to stretch your money in Europe.
  1. Find no-cost entertainment, like free days at museums or public concerts.
  2. Use a credit card or get cash from an ATM for the best exchange rates and lower
... More »

Eastern Europe: Charm for Less

Prague, Poland among adventurous destinations for thrifty travelers

(Newser) - The ever-pricier euro is sending determined travelers east, past the Eiffel Tower, to overlooked treasures like Prague's Old Town Square. Check out cheaper, Eastern European must-sees as recommended by Forbes:
  1. Peterhof State Museum-Reserve, St. Petersburg, Russia: These palaces and 18th-century gardens rival those of Versailles.
  2. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Plitvice
... More »

Luxury Hotels for the Fiscally Challenged

Even a pauper can feel pampered at these posh getaways

(Newser) - Even upscale chains like Ritz-Carlton will rent you a room for a reasonable price—if you seek out a favorable exchange rate, an independent hotel, or an off-the-beaten-track domestic destination. Forbes finds 10 luxury lodgings that are affordable even in peak season:
  1. Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  2. Domaine Des
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