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The Sheep-Filled Ship Left Australia, With Horrible Results

'60 Minutes' exposes deaths of 2,400 sheep in August 2017

(Newser) - It's not every day that a livestock-abuse video is set at sea, but such is the situation in Australia. The New York Times reports the country's 60 Minutes on Sunday broadcast footage shot by a whistleblower in August 2017 on a ship laden with sheep that was sailing... More »

2 Face Felony Charges Over Planned Parenthood Videos

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt posed as execs with a fake bioresearch company

(Newser) - Two anti-abortion activists whose secretly recorded conversations with executives from Planned Parenthood made national headlines are each facing 15 felony charges in California, reports the Los Angeles Times . David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt posed as executives of a fake bioresearch company and filmed their conversations with Planned Parenthood officials about... More »

Undercover Video: Dems Stoked Violence at Trump Rallies

Operatives also discuss voter fraud in latest from James O'Keefe

(Newser) - A Democratic operative is out of a job and another is "stepping back" from the Hillary Clinton campaign, thanks to a series of undercover videos in which they allegedly discuss inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies and how to commit voter fraud. In the first video from James O'... More »

Judge Blocks Release of Planned Parenthood Videos

He issues temporary restraining order

(Newser) - A federal judge has blocked the release of any recordings made at meetings of abortion providers by an anti-abortion group that previously revealed secretly recorded videos of a Planned Parenthood leader. Judge William Orrick in San Francisco issued a temporary restraining order today against the Center for Medical Progress hours... More »

States May Ban Undercover Animal Abuse Videos

Iowa, Florida, Minnesota want to make it illegal to produce them

(Newser) - You've seen the videos: Animal rights advocates go undercover as farm workers and emerge with grainy footage of beaten cows , viciously killed turkeys , and abused pigs . And Iowa—the country's largest pork and eggs producer—wants to keep you from seeing them. Its legislature is considering a bill that would... More »

ACORN-Esque 'Sting' Hits Planned Parenthood

But group says video was edited, doesn't reflect policies

(Newser) - An anti-abortion group has released an undercover video that appears to depict a Planned Parenthood employee giving advice to—you guessed it—a pimp and a prostitute. The employee, a New Jersey office manager named Amy Woodruff, advises the pair on how to get medical care for underage, illegal immigrant... More »

Blogger Foe Confronts ACORN Protesters

Breitbart says video of 'thugs' will be up soon

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart—whose conservative BigGovernment.com website aired the ACORN sting videos—decided to mosey down to an ACORN protest in Los Angeles this week, and he's not happy with the rough treatment he got. He blogs that he was harassed and threatened by the "dregs of society" so... More »

ACORN Chief Blames Everyone But ACORN

Bertha Lewis not contrite enough for Dana Milbank

(Newser) - ACORN chief Bertha Lewis wasn’t in the mood to apologize at the National Press Club yesterday. For anything. Not for the internal ACORN review showing that $5 million had been embezzled from the group, rather than the previously alleged $1 million (“This is speculation, completely false”), not... More »

ACORN Sting Raises Media Ethics Questions

Hidden video subterfuge made news, but where was the reality check?

(Newser) - “You've got to give James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles credit for abundant chutzpah and guile,” writes James Rainey in the Los Angeles Times. The pair’s hidden camera ACORN takedown “likely will do for guerrilla video what Ashton Kutcher did for Twitter—popularize and expand the form.... More »

ACORN Orders Investigation Into Programs

Group promises reform after 'sting' videos surface

(Newser) - ACORN is ordering an independent investigation into its community service programs after undercover videos exposed questionable behavior by its employees, the AP reports. The group also said it would put its programs on hold while it conducts staff training. A series of videos show ACORN employees instructing a fake prostitute... More »

ACORN May Sue After New Tape Emerges

Second film shows staffers advising fake hooker, pimp

(Newser) - ACORN is weighing legal action after another undercover sting tape emerged, this time in Brooklyn, the New York Post reports. Like a tape made in Baltimore, the new footage shows a man and a woman dressed as a pimp and a prostitute getting advice on housing loans. “Honesty is... More »

PETA Releases Video of Circus Elephant Abuse

(Newser) - PETA has released video it says shows cruelty to circus elephants, the Orange County Register reports. The tape shows Ringling Bros. handlers swatting elephants with “bull hooks,” and one pachyderm exhibiting signs of “severe psychological distress.” “This video again shows what we have been saying... More »

Brit Envoy Quits Russia After Hooker Video

Officials accuse Russia of set up

(Newser) - A senior British diplomat was forced to resign his post in Russia after a video of him canoodling with two prostitutes was posted on the Internet, reports the Daily Mail. British officials were livid about the scandal, but also angrily accused Russian officials of a sting. The 4-minute video, called... More »

Student's Planned Parenthood Sting Raises Ire on YouTube

Woman poses as 13-year-old in undercover exposé

(Newser) - A UCLA anti-abortion activist posing as a 13-year-old girl has been running an undercover campaign against Planned Parenthood and posting results on YouTube, the Los Angeles Times reports. Lila Rose, 20, visits branches posing as a minor impregnated by a 31-year-old man, and secretly videotapes what ensues. In several cases,... More »

Ashley Biden Cocaine Video Was a Setup

'Friend' hoped to hit jackpot by hawking video of VP's kid

(Newser) - The video that supposedly shows Ashley Biden snorting cocaine was a pure set-up, Radar reports. The man hawking the video to media outlets—a so-called "friend" of of the VP’s daughter—bought the cocaine himself, along with a hidden camera, as part of an elaborate plot to make... More »

Man Shops 'Biden Daughter' Cocaine Video to Newspaper

He claims tape shows Ashley snorting coke

(Newser) - A man claiming to be a friend of Vice President Joe Biden's daughter is offering to sell the media a videotape that allegedly shows her snorting cocaine at a party this month, reports the New York Post. The man approached the Post through a lawyer, initially asking for $2 million.... More »

Cattle Horror Worker: Just 'Following Orders'

Ag secretary insists meat supply is safe

(Newser) - A worker shown in a shocking undercover video jabbing apparently sick cows to their feet for slaughter was following orders from management, his lawyer said yesterday. The attorney made the accusation as he negotiated with federal investigators to work out a plea deal for his client, reports the Wall Street ... More »

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