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Owner Insults Potential Buyers in Profane Used-Car Ad

'This isn't the car you want, it's the car you deserve'

(Newser) - Looking for a car that's old enough to vote, listens to the Gin Blossoms, and boasts absolutely no amenities? Brendan Tokarski has found your perfect ride. Per the Daily Mirror , Tokarski spied a "savagely honest" Craigslist ad out of Houston trying to dump a 1999 Toyota Corolla, and... More »

Guy's Used Car Ad Better Than a Summer Blockbuster

This 1996 Suzuki Vitara has truly lived the life of a 'legend'

(Newser) - Eugene Romanovsky is selling his "best friend for 10 years," Slate reports. According to a rollicking viral video created by Romanovsky, he and his best friend have traversed the desert, climbed mountains, fled an avalanche, escaped the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, and even traveled to the moon. His... More »

20 Worst Used Cars

Compiled by Consumer Reports

(Newser) - The only thing worse than buying a lemon is buying a used lemon. Here's a list of 2012's worst used cars compiled by Consumer Reports and courtesy of ABC News . More »

10 Things That Are Really Expensive Right Now

Used cars and frozen turkeys aren't as cheap as they used to be...

(Newser) - With the economy still suffering, demand for goods has been generally low. This, paired with low availability in many cases, has forced the prices of a number of goods to inch toward new highs. 24/7 Wall Street lists 10 products that are at or near their all-time greatest costs:
  1. Turkey:
... More »

Pry My Clunker From 'My Cold, Dead Fingertips'

(Newser) - Some cars’ gas mileage is good enough to make them ineligible for the cash-for-clunkers program—but that’s not the only reason David Holahan doesn’t want to turn in his old rides. “I’m all for stimulating the economy, cleaning air, and improving fuel economy,” he writes... More »

Used-Car Dealers: Program's a Clunker

Other groups also unhappy with government rebates

(Newser) - The Cash for Clunkers program has proven to be a shot in the arm for the new-car market, but not everyone's a fan. Used-car dealers say their business is suffering, the Sacramento Bee reports. "The used side sort of slipped" since the program started, said one Honda dealership manager.... More »

'Cash for Clunkers' Can't Beat Buying Used

(Newser) - The government’s Car Allowance Rebate System—the “Cash for Clunkers” plan—goes into effect today, but it might not be such a good deal for you or the environment, Elisabeth Leamy and Nathalie Tadena write for ABC News. New-car buyers who trade up more than 4mpg in mileage... More »

Drivers Learning to Love Older Cars

Maintenance cheaper than payment for newer models, consumers find

(Newser) - Thanks to the ongoing recession, drivers accustomed to trading in their vehicles often are warming to the idea of a longer covenant with their cars, the Wall Street Journal reports. While the concept might puzzle the less well-heeled, “the 3-year ownership mentality has crumbled,” one insider said. And... More »

Missing Airbags Threaten Drivers of Used Cars

Some dealers ditch safety for cash in 'life-and-death scam'

(Newser) - Used-car buyers, beware: Missing or ruined air bags are posing a threat to unsuspecting drivers’ lives, an NPR investigation finds. Some dealerships put greed over safety and sell cars that have been in accidents without replacing the protective pouches. Instead, they may stick faulty air bags back in the car,... More »

SUV Apocalypse Nears

Sales fall off as Americans opt for leaner, greener cars

(Newser) - America’s obsession with super-size cars seems to be running out of gas. The Daily Green reports on the seven signs of the SUV apocalypse:
  1. The numbers: Sales of small cars were up 11% in the first half of the year, while SUV and truck sales were down by 14%
... More »

GM, Ford Join Chrysler in Retreat From Leasing

As resale values plummet and credit tightens, automakers leave market

(Newser) - Ford and GM are joining Chrysler in moving away from auto leasing, the Wall Street Journal reports, signalling the end of an era in which leases allowed many Americans to drive more expensive cars than they could afford to buy. The move is prompted by falling prices for used SUVs... More »

Sinking SUV Values Slap Drivers

Resale values plummet as gas price goes up

(Newser) - The end of America's love affair with the SUV is turning into an expensive divorce, the Washington Post reports. Drivers wanting to get rid of the gas-guzzlers as pump prices hit $4 a gallon are losing a lot of money on the sales—if they can even find buyers. Some... More »

SUV Credit Crunch Rolls Over Ford

Sinking value of big vehicles crashes auto firm's credit wing

(Newser) - Ford's plans to get back in the black are being forced off the road by woes at its lending arm, the Wall Street Journal reports. The auto giant made a lot of cut-rate loans on trucks and SUVs in recent  years and has been unable to recoup losses on bad... More »

Mexico Bans All Car Imports— Except '98s

New law allows only 10-year-old jalopies across the border

(Newser) - For used-car shoppers in Mexico, 1998 is about to become a very popular year. Starting today, only 10-year-old cars—nothing newer, nothing older—can be imported in Mexico, a move designed to curtail the flood of “vehiculos chatarra,” or jalopies, clogging the streets. Before the change, imports needed... More »

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