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Facebook More Profitable Than We All Thought

Profit margin was an impressive 25% ... in 2009

(Newser) - Surprise, surprise: Facebook is actually “much more profitable than everyone thought,” writes Henry Blodget for Business Insider . Today’s Wall Street Journal piece ( summary here ) discloses that Facebook’s net income in 2009 was $200 million on $777 million in revenue. The revenue figure was known,... More »

Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M

Players pay for extra points to commit murder, mayhem

(Newser) - An Internet crime game has earned its young creator nearly $1.5 miilion. Torn, a text-based game noir that lets players commit murder and mayhem, boasts some 41,000 active players and 1.3 million account holders worldwide. The game is free, but players can opt to pay $5 a... More »

Don't Celebrate Yet: Earnings Are Up, but Not Sales

Though first-quarter profit beat expectations, a growth story is absent

(Newser) - The fact that 66% of American companies beat their first-quarter earnings expectations is good, writes Henry Blodget in Clusterstock, but not as good as it looks. A closer examination of the data shows that while profits increased, revenues did not, and “you can’t fire your way to prosperity.... More »

Dentists Feel No Pain in Recession

(Newser) - Clenched jaws abound during this recession, and a combination of stress-related damage and layoff victims rushing to be treated before they lose their insurance is helping keep dentistry afloat as the economy dives. Dentist's offices last year reported the highest profit margins of any industry, including top moneymakers like accounting... More »

US in Recession Now: Buffett

Billionaire says crisis is already here

(Newser) - The US is already in a recession for all practical purposes, even if economic conditions haven't yet met the technical definition of at least two consecutive quarters of negative growth. That's the verdict of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who tells CNBC that a serious economic slowdown is obvious in reports... More »

5 Stories